Top Ten Waterproof Digital Cameras

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An image of the waterproof digital camera Olympus Stylus Tough

You cannot go wrong with this bad boy.

Are you heading away on a summer holiday that is going to involve you spending most of your time either sunbathing, drinking or swimming? Well if this is the case then chances are pretty high that you will need a digital camera that is going to be waterproof.

We are not talking underwater digital cameras that Jacques Cousteau could have taken on his next underwater exploration.  No. We are talking about the most practical and robust cameras in the market that will allow you to remove the worry of dropping it in water.  In fact these cameras will quite happily go with you in the water.

Without further ado here are the top ten waterproof digital cameras that every traveler should consider buying.

  1. Olympus Stylus Tough 8010
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  3. Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1
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  5. Canon PowerShot D10
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  7. Fujifilm Finepix XP10
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  9. Pentax Optio W90
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  11. Nikon COOLPIX S8100
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  13. Panasonic Lumix FT2
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  15. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX5
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  17. Samsung AQ100
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  19. Genius G-Shot D508
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  3. June 29, 2011  1:19 pm by Heather Reply

    First off, I found the content of this post very helpful. I'm looking for a waterproof digital, but as I already have a decent digital camera I don't want to spend more than $200. Based on your piece, I'm giving serious consideration to the Fuji Finepix - the Finepix cameras generally get decent reviews and as I'm not looking for a high-end option, this should fit the bill nicely.

    Secondly, WOW please please please have someone proof your work before you post it. I know it might seem nitpicky, but spelling and grammar errors reflect poorly on the overall content of a piece.

    "So without further a due here are the top ten waterproof digital cameras that every traveler should consider buying."

    It's "Without further ado."

    Again, thank you for the helpful information.

    • June 29, 2011  7:40 pm by Quick Ten Reply

      Thanks for the great feedback Heather! We have made the amendments and beaten Austin accordingly:) Also if you want our advice in terms of a waterproof camera around $200, then definitely go for the Fuji Finepix, it's outstanding value for money.

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