Top Ten Travel Tips for Long Haul Flights

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An image of Zombies on a plane during a long haul flight

I always have to sit next to Zombies

Going on holiday is great fun but the long haul flights to get to some of the destinations can be an absolute nightmare. If you have every sat on a flight from London to Auckland via Hong Kong, sitting next to a man who thought it appropriate to wear no deodorant and clear mucas from his throat every 2 seconds, then you have lived my nightmare.

But it does not need to be a nightmare, oh no.  You can take charge of your long haul flight and make it as pleasant as it can possibly be so at least when you get out at the next Airport you don’t look and feel like the living dead.

So to help you survive your next long haul flight take a look through the list of the best tips for long haul flights.  Sorry this list does not take into consideration the fact that you are exceedingly wealthy and can simply upgrade to first class away from all the mayhem.

Drink loads of water. We recommend stocking up on FIJI Natural Artesian Water


Get up, walk around and stretch. We recommend Travel Yoga: Stretches for Planes


Ask at the check out desk to block off the seat next to you. We recommend reading this (Kindle) book: “Airports Don’t Have to Be Terminal: Getting To and Through Airports with Ease”


Get the best possible smart phone out there as it’s your; music, games, movies and mobile all in one. Less bulk. We would recommend either the Apple iPhone 4G 16GB or Google Nexus One Unlocked Phone with Android


Sleeping pills but not those dodgy ones from Spain. We recommend Sleep Right Melatonin


Eye drops. Keep those eyes refreshed and looking good, we recommend Allergan Refresh Plus Lubricant Eye Drops


Tooth Brush and paste, to keep your breath smelling fresh and you feeling half normal. We recommend the Philips Sonicare


Take a travel pillow so that you don’t start moving like a Zombie. We recommend the HoMedics Ortho Therapy Neck Support Pillow


Know the plane’s seating plan and take advantage of the seats e.g. On the 747-400 seats 63 to 67 by the window. So study up by reading Modern Commercial Aircraft.


Face wash + moisturiser so that you can freshen up before disembarking.  We recommend Neutrogena Oil-free Moisture.


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