Top Ten Travel Gadgets for the Plane

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Flying is tedious at the best of times.  Not only do you have to deal with moody flight attendants and rubbish food but the share boredom you experience on flights anything over 3 hours can be soul destroying.

But what if you could make a difference to you flight? What if the next flight you jumped on you can prepared and ready to take boredom head on?  Well we think we can help alleviate this boredom and give you the best possible opportunity to enjoy the flight and believe us when we say we have enough experience in this area to sink a battle ship. Unfortunately we do not have a gadget that removes the people sitting next to you who; snore, smell, or silent fart but the below gadgets might help you through the trip.


Smart Phone – You simply get more bang for your buck and let’s face it the gameplay is getting pretty darn good (well enough to make Angry Birds into a movie).  It also cut’s down on the bulk of carrying multiple entertainment devices and hence why it makes it to number 1. Android or iOS platforms, we don’t discriminate in this particular list but we would recommend either the Apple iPhone 4G 16GB or Google Nexus One Unlocked Phone with Android

Handheld Gaming Console – A dedicated gaming console will currently give you greater game play and video capabilities but this is quickly changing and therefore can only make it to number 2.  We recommend the always reliable PlayStation Vita – WiFi


Kindle – Yes we are specifically naming this device as it’s simply the best and most reliable in the market.  Upload a gazillion books, sit back, order a vodka on the rocks and enjoy the best literature the world has to offer. We recommend the Kindle 3G Wi-Fi


Laptop – You can get a lot of extra work or movie watching done on a laptop.  Especially if you have a laptop that is light weight, compact, energy efficient and has long battery life. We recommend the Toshiba Portege R835-P56x 13.3-Inch LED Laptop (Magnesium Blue)


In Flight Charger – With all the electrical devices floating about and lack of planes with power points (the newer planes are getting better with this) then you are going to potentially need this.  We recommend the Tekkeon TekCharge MP2250Laptop Computer Battery Chargers)


MyVu Glasses – Again we are naming the brand here but again it’s because they are the market leader.  Yes you will look like a knob but combine it with some noise cancelling headphones (number 7) and you will be in your own world. Take a look at the Myvu Personal Media Viewer Solo Plus EditionPortable Audio & Video)


Noise Cancelling Headphones – We have a whole post dedicated to headphones and in the world of travel they become a life line of sanity.  In particular the noise cancelling headphones which can even be used when not listening to music or movies as they act as ear plugs.  From experience the most robust and well priced are Sennheiser Earbuds Headphones)


Water – It really should be number 1 but it’s probably too boring and if you are brave enough you can make the Air stewards get you an abundance without buying liters at the airport. If you are looking for some water then we recommend FIJI Natural Artesian Water


Flight Spray – One of the worst things about long haul flights is the dry air and block nose that follows.  Stop that from happening with a really good nasal spray.  We recommend Flight Spray, Nasal Hydration SprayCold & Flu Medicine)


Travel Pillow – It’s simple but it can save you some serious neck pain and improve the amount of sleep you get.  Just make sure you don’t get a cheap one as these ones tend to have the worst pillow design ever.  The  most cost effective and well designed pillow we have used is the HoMedics Ortho Therapy Neck Support Pillow


New Tab Chrome Extension


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