Top Ten Tourist Attractions in New Zealand


Land of the Long White Cloud

New Zealand is an breathtakingly beautiful place with a plethora of amazing natural attractions that have seen explorers, tourists, and movie makers alike beating a path there for years.  So much so the New Zealand government even got in a slight bit of bother when they crumbled under the pressure of high flying movie execs to subsidize the filming of The Hobbit films.

Now, we are not politicians but for a country that lives and breaths its iconic pure image and directly leverages it to drive the tourism dollar.  Then why the heck would you not do anything to keep a movie series which continues to show off the land of the long white cloud.

Geography Matters in this South Hemisphere Island(s)

Outside of the obvious beauty of New Zealand, it’s other great asset, whilst relatively boring is still no less important and that’s it’s local geography. There are not too many places on this earth that can claim so many amazing natural attractions crammed into one small island.  From skiing in the morning at Ruapehu to surfing Hawkes Bay beaches in the afternoon or walking the golden sands of Nelson to the next day being in the mountainous terrain of Queenstown.

An image of Abel Tasman

With so Many Choices, What Do I See?

If you are going to visit and soak up the beautiful scenery then what are the Top Ten places to go and see in the land of the long white cloud? The Quick Ten team obviously want you to spend your money wisely so based on our numerous travels to New Zealand we have come up with the following attractions:

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  1. Fiordland National Parks
  2. Abel Tasman National Park
  3. Westland National Park
  4. Mt Cook
  5. Bay of Islands
  6. Queenstown
  7. Tongariro National Park
  8. Coromandel Peninsula
  9. Kaikoura
  10. Malborough Sounds

Quick Tip – If you are only coming for two weeks then focus on only 5 things to see, don’t try and fit everything in as you will not appreciate the scenery.  Ideally you would need a minimum of 4 weeks to complete the above top 10 list and feel like you have still had a holiday.

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