Top Ten places to visit in Japan

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An image of Mt Fuji and ancient Japanese Home

The beautiful Mt Fuji

Where Old World Meets New

Japan is a land of contrast, where old world traditions and beliefs grapple with the tech driven electric fuelled future. Tokyo as a city is an utterly insane but exciting place to experience. Fast paced isn’t an adequate description.

More Michelin Stars than Paris

Tokyo is the largest city in the world, home to around 20 million people (thats a lot of sushi). Talking of eating there are more Michelin starred restaurants in Tokyo than Paris and has undoubtedly the worlds most efficient train underground train system – but craziest commuter culture in the world.

And then there is the rest of Japan, one of the best countries I have ever visited:


  1. Ryogoku District | Tokyo

    National sumo stadium, if you want to watch fat blokes grapple this is the place to be. Tournaments are held in January, May and September. Sumo: A Pocket Guide


  2. Harajuku | Tokyo

    A focal point for fashion, music, youth and dancing Elvis’s. Visit for the latest trends and a glimpse of Harajuku girls dressed in colourful, outrageous and sometimes slightly sexy costumes. Albert Siegel’s Harajuku Girls


  3. Tskujii fish markets | Tokyo

    Get there early to see the tuna auctions and by early we mean 5am. Finish off with a traditional seafood breakfast at one of the many surrounding cafes in Tskuji.


  4. Tokyo National Museum

    Allow plenty of time here it’s packed with national treasures telling the history of Japan and Tokyo. Also has a collection of interesting artifacts from China & Korea.


  5. Mount Fuji

    About an hour outside Tokyo it is an impressive sight and achievable in a daytrip from the big city. Four Seasons of Mt. Fuji


  6. Itsukushima island & Miyajima shrine | Hiroshima

    Located a short boat trip from the city, UNESCO World Heritage site and Shinto shrine. This is an incredible place. Departure


  7. Nishiki Ichiba (Market) | Kyoto

    Known as Kyoto’s Kitchen with over 100 stalls selling food, cooking utensils, knives and eateries. Kyoto is not to be missed. Kyoto (City Travel Guide)


  8. Hiroshima peace museum | Hiroshima

    The museum commemorates the devastation caused by the atomic bomb over 60’s years ago. Fascinating and moving at the same time, the city itself is very lively. Departure


  9. Himeji castle

    Another UNESCO World Heritage site, perhaps the best example of Japan’s 17th century castles.  Tokyo City Guide


  10. Kiso Valley

    Located in the Nagano prefecture, central Japan. Nagano is a rural region with some of Japan’s most picturesque walks. If you’re after contrast to Tokyo’s tempo and to experience the hospitality of traditional ryokans (inns) the Kiso Valley is the place.


    And if you’re visiting Tokyo but don’t bother packing PJs, you wont need them. A complete guide to Tokyo: Tokyo City Guide

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