Top Ten Essential Travel Accessories

I'm glad I bought my digital camera.
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Make Your Next Holiday Enjoyable

Are you looking to escape the madness and take that next holiday away in either a tropical paradise or winter wonderland?  Well you fellow dreamers are not alone, there are nearly a billion people every year travelling round the globe experiencing some of the amazing wonder’s this world has to offer.

But let’s not kid ourselves here people, it’s not all sunshine and lollipop’s when you are out there jet setting around. There are many trials and tribulations you have to endure when that next Volcano happens or in my case when we went to get married in Thailand, Cyclones!

We have help prepared you for the flights to these destinations with the Top Ten Travel Gadgets For The Plane and the Top Ten Travel Tips for Long Haul Flights. But now it’s time to get you prepared and ready to hit the ground running at your new destination  with these essential travel accessories.


Duct Tape – Oh I hear the mockery now for making this number 1.  But I’m not trying to get all MacGyver on you with this.  It has about a million uses from; taping up your broken bag to creating a make shift splint.  We recommend Intertape 5038-3 3-Pack


Smart Phone – Not only can you call your family if you are being held for ransom by a bunch of friendly Colombian drug lords.  But you can play endless games and listen to music whislt you are in a state of travelling limbo.  For the iPhone fan boy we recommend the Apple iPhone 4G 16GB and for the Android fan boy we recommend the Google Nexus One .


Robust and Waterproof Camera – Take away the stress of worrying about your digital camera breaking or getting wet and get a durable, photo snapping machine.  We have always recommend the: Olympus Stylus Tough 8010 14MP


Combination Lock – It’s a simple but safe security measure and one you will not regret (unless you leave the lock on when flying as customs/baggage handlers have been known to break them open to search.  We recommend the robust Master Lock 4684T TSA combo.


Money Belt – Yes you feel like a bit of a tool pulling this out.  But it will save you the next time you find someone trying to fleece you for all your travel money.  We recommend the trusted Rick Steves Silk Money Belt


A Good Book – With all these fancy gadgets flying round we thought we had better go old school.  It’s much easier to take a good book with you to the beach then it is an iPad….you obviously want look like a knob either.  The most entertaining  travel read we I have had lately is World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War


Travel Clothes Line – Even for the ardent business or back packing traveler, this little device is essential.  It allows you to dry out anything where ever you go. Simple but effective, we recommend Rick Steves Travel Gear Clothesline


First Aid Kit – I know this sounds a little bit like your mom recommending a first aid kit.  But seriously when my Mom made me pack one for my first trip to Thailand when I was 21, I used it constantly.  We recommend patching yourself up with the Adventure Medical Kits Smart Travel First Aid Kit


Universal Plug – I can hear you scoffing at the simplicity but this has truly come in handy on many a jounrney not only on the holiday but in transit.  We recommend the All-in-One Travel Power Plug Adapter for US, UK, EU, AU


Lonely Planet Guide – These little suckers will never run out battery or break due to an over zealous baggage handler. If you are going to Europe we recommend: Europe on a Shoestring: Big Trips on Small Budgets


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