Top Ten Cheapest Countries To Visit

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Take piggy to the beach.

You are starting to get itchy feet again but are a little strapped for cash right now. So you need a country to visit that is not going to cost you the world to visit but you can still scratch that itch and have a blast. Well this is the Top Ten List for the Cheapest Countries to visit from around the world.
Don’t worry the Quick Ten crew are not going to send you down shit creek without a paddle but you may want to remember to take some things for the flight and heed our tips for a long haul flights!  Other than that sit back and enjoy of budget driven choices. 

  1. India – As long as you pack enough immodium to sink a battleship then there are an abundance of amazing sites to see right across this country and a meal will only set you back less than $1 US.
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  3. Cambodia – Its the new Vietnam which apparently is was the new Thailand and Thailand is amazingly beautiful and cheap which means Cambodia comes in at number 2.
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  5. Argentina – Land of beautiful people, cheap food and crazy currency drops.  Argentina has everything a traveler on a budget wants ; great food, beautiful and diverse scenery, great weather, brilliant nightlife and all at a great price.
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  7. Mexico – So much ancient history to view in this country and picture perfect beaches to explore.  The food is brilliant, accommodation cheap and this is where Fiesta really comes into meaning.
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  9. Romania – Don’t knock till you have tried it.  This place has so many hidden secrets and the nightlife (and women) in Bucharest is second to none.
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  11. Hungary – this is edged out by Romania purely on the fact that it is a little more off the beaten track than Hungary.  However this heavy hitter from the old eastern block provides cheap (and direct) airfares from Europe and a wide variety of tourist attractions.
  12. BUY NOW – Lonely Planet Hungary

  13. Turkey – this place caters for all types of budget travelers.  You can eat and drink the night away at one of the many fine seafood restaurants and clubs along the Bosphrus for a steal.  Or head on down to Antalya to soak up the sun in any number of the well priced villas.
  14. BUY NOW – Lonely Planet Turkey

  15. Morocco –  This is a very unique place to go and see on a budget.  Its got a lot of crazy wrapped up with a lot of adventure.  The Souks are where you will grab a bargain and also find great places for lunch or dinner.  Accommodation here is a steal also but don’t expect the Radisson unless you are willing to pay.
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  17. Croatia – probably a little more expensive that it needs to be but still Croatia offers a lot of bang for you buck and the boat cruises that leave from either Dubrovnik or Split are absolutely amazing.  You can generally get these as all inclusive packages which saves you a lot of money.
  18. BUY NOW – Lonely Planet Croatia

  19. South Africa – sure there is a pretty good chance you will get robbed but hey it’s a must see country and your money will go very far at this destination with some accommodation coming in at little more than $3 US. To keep your budget adventure on the tracks check out some safari options at the Kruger National Park.
  20. BUY NOW – Lonely Planet South Africa

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  1. March 1, 2010  5:08 pm by Kate Reply

    Agreed Morroco was cheap but that could of been from the food poisoning...

  2. March 10, 2010  8:47 pm by Auckland Girl Reply

    A few of us discovered that Malta was really cheap. Good affordable food and booze, accommodation was cheap, and shopping was inexpensive (they're famous for their stirling silver jewellery). There was also an hour bus ride you could catch for only 50 cents!

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