Top Ten Bucket List Ideas

The closest you will come to flying.
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The Best Things to Do Before You Die

The term ‘Bucket List’ has been derived from a list of  things to do before you ‘kick the bucket’ or inevitably pass away (unless you are a Hindu and re-birth is an option in your eyes…..even if it is as a mouse).  Some save this for the latter part of their lives but we think the sooner you start the more exciting your life is going to become.

Now we are not recommending you quit your job, leave your family and start taking on all manner of death defying feats to cross off your list. No.  We would prefer if you work your way into, get a feel for knocking a few lower ideas of the list.   Maybe warm up by: learning how to make sushi, running a half marathon, writing a blog or even something simple like walking to the shops backwards.

Once you have built up your confidence (and a bit of spare cash) then start easing into the top 10 below.   But don’t feel like you have to follow the ten to the letter, oh no, mix it up if you wish and add a bit of your own personality.

This list is meant to inspire, not dictate. So good luck and if you do manage to get all these done then be sure to let us know!


Wingsuit Flying – The closest we can possibly come to flying without a machine. So don’t just sky dive, slip on a wingsuit and feel the freedom.


The Big 7 – Visit all seven natural wonders of the world.  You can take your time on this one as this will require a bit of cash but will be oh so worth it: Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef, Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, Mount Everest, Aurora, Parícutin volcano, and Victoria Falls


Kayak down the Amazon – Take an 8 to 10 day journey down one of the worlds largest rivers and experience some of the most surreal scenery and wildlife.


Write a Movie Script – Sure it might not be technically sound when you first write it but it’s a creative outlet that you can do in your own time no matter where you are.


Bike across China – You could do this across any large continent but as long as the landscapes are vast, tourist attractions a plenty and it’s physically challenging.  Plus you will need an ass made of granite.


Roll the dice – A play on ‘The Dice Man’ (less sinister) but go on an overseas trip where the following (picked from a list of 6) are decided by a roll of the dice: destination, duration, accommodation, food every night, and the countries top extreme activities.  If you really want to mix it up let you friend pick each of the 6 choices.


Experience Weightlessness – Going into space might soon become a reality for people with a spare million.  But you can get your weightlessness thrills by other means such as Zero G who are bringing this thrill to the public.


Drive a ’57 in Cuba – Rent and drive a 1957 Pontiac or similar around Cuba before these cars are lost not only to rust but the evolving economy post-Castro.


Stand-up in New York – Write your own stand-up comedy act, go to New York.  Then perform it live to an audience of more than 50 people at an open-mic night.


Visit New Zealand – Check out the home of hobbits and bungy jumping in one one of the worlds most diverse landscapes pack into a small area  for.  The best month to travel is March.


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