Top Ten Annoying Passenger Habits on Flights

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An image of a lady in a airplane seat who has fully reclined onto the other male passenger behind her.

I love flying!

Love it or hate it, flying is a necessity to get us to the places we need to go.  But what are the things that make it really unpleasant? This list breaks down the top ten annoying habits that your fellow passengers put you through.
  1. Reclining the seat back straight after or even during take off, regardless of wanting to sleep or not.
  2. Passengers with BO, bad breath, smelly feet and general all round bad body odour.
  3. Late passengers who hold up the flight because they are either shopping or getting a manicure .
  4. Leaving their reading light on and window open on a long haul flight .
  5. People who take up the arm rest and never move.
  6. When passengers decide to re-pack and shuffle their luggage around whilst not moving from the aisle.
  7. Stealth farter’s.
  8. Kids kicking the back of the seat….for the whole flight.
  9. Passengers trying to fit their “hand luggage” into the overhead compartment, generally crushing anything you or other passengers had in there.
  10. Coughing, sneezing, spitting throughout the flight without trying to be discreet or cover their mouthes

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