Top Ten Ultimate Christmas Gifts

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These Christmas Gift Ideas will Please Anyone

Christmas is a time for giving, it’s a time caring and it’s a time for sharing but most importantly it’s a time when you do not want to receive or give a shit gift. Giving a gift where the reaction is muted and non-responsive can be some people’s nightmare. Sure it’s a bit shallow but if you are looking to make a big splash at your next family Christmas or impress the new potential in laws then hold on to your hats as we are about to have all your worries taken away as the gift ideas we have up our sleeve will impress anyone!

It’s not all About the Money, it’s About the Thought Process

We could probably sit here and rattle off numerous Xmas present ideas that will end up burning a massive whole in your bank balance. But we are not going to, yes there will be a few that are on the expensive side but generally speaking we are going after the gifts that will show you have put some thought into. After all, if you can show a little bit of inspiration has gone into it then you will win hearts an minds.

Extra Bonus Points

If you want to go that extra mile to impress then get a great Christmas card to match the present. These Vintage Christmas cards are a great idea but these Mistletoe Christmas cards are not such a great idea and might even get you banned from Christmas dinner.

  1. Read it and Weep | Kindle Fire

    That’s right, it’s one of the most reliable presents out there as it says – “I think your smart, read more books” or something to that affect. Regardless it’s an absolute no brainier

  2. Need a hit? | Keurig Coffee Machine

    It’s a known fact that everyone in the world loves coffee, everyone. So what better way to solidify your reign as the best “Christmas gift giver” than with a Keurig Coffee Machine. You can even point them in the direction of how to clean one.

  3. So Good, yet so Bad | Breaking Bad: The Complete Series

    That’s right! Breaking Bad, which in our humble (and stubborn) opinion it’s one the greatest, if not the greatest TV series that has ever been created. Even if the person receiving this gift has seen it before they will want to watch it again.


  4. Budding Extreme Director | GoPro HERO

    Seriously, these little bundles of joy can be used, anywhere by anyone and will capture HD quality video. If the person is not into capturing great video, they will once they get their hands on one of these.


  5. Football in your Lounge | Foosball Table

    Now we know what you are going to say “this is only good for guys” BUT we beg to differ. Foosball tables unite families, friends of all sexes and will continue to do so for years. One word of advice – Don’t scrimp on getting a good table. The cheap ones will break quickly and offer poor ball speed.


  6. The Sound of Music | Sonos Playbar

    OK, so this is for the ones you reeeaaaallllyyyy love but it has to be one of the best gadgets we have ever had the pleasure of using. Simply amazing.


  7. Get Smart | Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

    This is getting into some pretty cool unisex tech right here! Take photos, calls, track steps and even do voice activated texts. This little gadget from Samsung will earn you some serious brownie points.


  8. Lazy fun | Electric Scooter

    Give the gift of lazy fun with electric scooters! They are actually a really practical way to get down to the local cafe’s for a quick hit of caffeine (unless you have also brought them the Keurig Coffee Machine)


  9. Healthy hint | Juicer

    These are not just for health experts or hippies. Juicers open up a whole new world when it comes to refreshing morning breakfasts or some of the best hangover cures in the world.


  10. Hanging Around | Hammock

    This is a great way to make people smile and also think about how thoughtful you have been. The hammock (go portable) is one of the best presents to conjure up thoughts of relaxation.


Additional Idea

If you need anything to accompany a present then you could try something a little different

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