Top Ten Brands of Jeans

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An image of a pair of Nudie Jeans being made

Beautiful jeans in the making.

Buying your next pair of jeans is a very crucial part of  pulling together your overall wardrobe.  They are one of you most valued and comfortable items of clothing that if brought right will be with you for a good few years…..but hopefully not enough years so that your stone wash pants you are still wearing from the 90’s come back into fashion 20 years later.

The humble pair of jeans has come a long way since it’s origins in Genoa, Italy and then later in 1873 when a Jewish immigrant by the name of Levis Strauss partnered with Jacob Davis to patent clothing with reinforced rivets.  It’s now estimated that some 500 million pairs of jeans are sold in the US alone every year!

So now that we have all that guff out of the way, let’s get down to the really important information which will hopefully help your purchasing decisions next time you are shopping for a pair of jeans.  Our top 10 list of top brands of jeans has been constructed based on: sales, longevity, fashion and quality.


Nudie – Founded 2001 in Gothenburg. Sweden. Nudie have taken on a cult following globally and produce some of the most consistently good jeans in the market today for quality and fashion: Shop for “Nudie


Levis – This is not just based on their super brand reputation or historic muscle power, they still produce quality jeans sold across the globe: Shop for “Levis


Diesel – We personally think they lost it there for a while circa 2008 with over exposure but since then have come back with a vengeance with dam good jeans: Shop for “Diesel


G-star – Sure their designs can be a bit out there and stray away from what you actually need but the denim they use is simply superb: Shop for “G-Star


7 For all Mankind – A relative new comer at entering the market in 2000 but for us, the best jeans brand in the market: Shop for “7 for All Mankind


Lucky – A more true blue and mainstream american jean but still a great pair for the less adventurous people out there or maybe someone looking for an awesome pair for work: Shop for “Lucky


Lee – A great all round brand that thrives of it’s consistency and heritage: Shop for “Lee


Naked & Famous Denim – The great point from this jeans brand is that all their quality denim is produced using a a blend of modern and traditional methods out of their mill in Japan: Shop for “Naked & Famous Denim


True Religion – Making vintage part of their design has helped True Religion forge a great brand since it’s inception in 2002: Shop for “True Religion


Wrangler – A solid brand since it started production in 1947 and always producing reliable and comfortable jeans:Shop for “Wrangler


Bonus List: Top 5 Places to Buy Jeans Online

  1. – Not only one of the best places to pick up jeans but to simply shop online, their iPhone app is awesome also.
  2. – Yes they have come a long way since selling books back in the early 90’s and have a vast selection of jeans.
  3. – This is a great palce to not only get great deals on jeans but also a multitude of top quality apparel to go with your new purchase
  4. – Still in beta but these guys are going to be the ones to watch when it comes to buying jeans online.
  5. – A smaller selection of jeans but a great place to shop never the less.
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