Top Ten Tools For The DIY Handyman

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If you are Going DIY Crazy – Do it Right

Turning a house into your home is something that fuel’s a lot of people into the craze of DIY and when we mean craze we mean crazy.

Often these “crazies” are looking to be the next “All American Handyman“, taking on their house like a Regan out of the exorcist. Other’s maybe going through that mid life crisis where they have aspirations of building that man cave of their dreams…. or maybe theyare just really cheap and can’t be bothered getting in a builder to do a proper job?  Well what ever the reason, people need to have the best possible DIY tools to do the job properly or at least not electrocute people.

You Need These Tools in your Shed

We are not talking about Ginsu Knives here either, we are talking about the best all round tools that every self proclaimed DIY expert should have in their shed.  Better yet we have had the pleasure of personal trying some of these tools out to make extra sure they are the best of breed.

Makita power tool set – Probably the most reliable and versatile power tool set we could find:


    Leatherman – This multi-tool is seriously one of the more handy tools to have in you belt:

    Dewalt Circular Saw – If you are looking at building a deck then this heavy duty circular saw is a necessity:

    Bosch Compact Power Drill – The best drill to be used in tight spaces but still with the grunt to get the job done:

    Dewalt Angle Grinder – The best tool for all your cutting, polishing and grinding needs:

    Nebo Redline Tactical Flashlight – If you are needing to do some repairs in the dark or in dark spots then look no further:

    Black & Decker Battery Pack – All the power you will need in those places where you can’t have an extension cord:

    Dewalt Jig Saw – The most robust and accurate Jig Saw in the market:

    AO Safety Work Tunes – This is a must for when you want to get away from it all whilst working:

    Wagner Power Cleaner and Steamer – The best tool for prepping your walls to be painted:

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