Top Ten iPhone Accessories

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An image of an iPhone 4 in an article about it's top accessories

So many accessories to latch on to this tech.

Are you one of those over-zealous, slightly obsessive, Apple fan boys/girls who has to have the latest accessory for their shiny little iPhone?  Well don’t worry you are not alone out there and I believe they have come up with your very own disorder to describe it.  If you want to take it to a whole new level then you can meet like minded fan boys/girls at a dating site specifically set up to help you find love – Cupidtino.

But enough of that little ramble.  We need to get down and dirty to find out which have been the top iPhone accessories of recent times.  We are not talking about apps here either people, these are physical accessories that you can buy to make your piece of Apple history that we bit better.

  1. AR Drone Parrot – This iPhone controlled quad helicopter thingy gets in the top ten not based on units shifted or practicality. No. It’s based purely on the innovation shown in getting it to market and making fan boys and girls drawl the world over.
  2. iSkin – Offering a multitude of differing skins to make your iPhone that much tougher and unique in appearance
  3. Gum Plus – It’s all happened to us in some way shape or form, low battery when you are on the verge of a major phone call or part way through.  Well this little baby has solved many an iPhone users problems.
  4. Bose Sound Dock – Yes it’s more pricey than some of the other docking stations out there but well they just don’t have the sound quality that Bose has and will always provide regardless of size.
  5. Ram Mounts – You can use the mounts in the car, bicycle, boat, even you fricking ATV if you so desire.
  6. Belkin Fast Fit Armband – Simply one of the best arm bands out there for those who need to take it to the gym or on a run.
  7. iHome Stereo Mini Speakers – Unlike the Bose docking station you can take these little bad boys anywhere you like.  So now sipping some beers on the beach with your friends listening to “Miss You” by the Rolling Stones is now that much easier….and clearer.
  8. Jawbone Icon Rogue – You will still look like a dick talking to yourself but with this little blue tooth headset you should be a step above the local mafia boss.
  9. Sennheiser CX 300 – We have tried a lot of head phones but these (and variations/models of) are by far the best in the market.
  10. Powerjolt Dual Universal USB Micro – This iPhone car charger will allow you to charge multiple devices at once so no more arguments please.

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