Top Ten Google Failures

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What things have they failed at?

A lot of people talk about how dominant Google are (well there are also a load of negative conspiracy theories around this online juggernaut and Facebook is breathing down their necks as media consumption evolves) and what amazing success they have had since being founded back in September 1988.  But part of Google’s success has been born out of it’s failures (emphasized by their willingness to keep putting money into Google Labs) and today we will shed light on some of their biggest clunkers!

  1. Google Wave – The hype far exceeded the practical application in every day use….although expect to see various features seen in Google Wave utilised across its Google Apps suite of products.
  2. Okurt – Google has never really got social media right even though they have been dabbling in it since before Facebook.  Okurt is just another example of their social media attempts falling short….unless your in Brazil.
  3. Google Answers – A paid service that could not compete with the likes of the free and hence vastly content richer sites like Yahoo Answers.
  4. Dodgeball – No not the movie, it was Google’s first attempt at a mobile social networking site.  The founders of Dodgeball went on to set up Foursquare which is essentially the same although they themselves may find it difficult with Facebook’s release of “Facebook Places”.
  5. Google Knol – Google’s attempt to take on Wikipedia.
  6. Google Buzz – Yes this is still going, so are a few of these Google projects on this list but failure comes in many forms and in this case its the inability yet again to effectively enter the social media space.  Arguable it was their best attempt so far.
  7. Google Page Creator – Rolled out in April 2006 it was just another way to create web pages that offered nothing new and was shut down 2 years later in favour of Google Sites.
  8. Google Audio Ads –  A radio based advertising platform the failed to overcome performance tracking and business uptake difficulties.
  9. Google Video Player – This was a desktop application, yes thats right a desktop application, everything that Google now avoids like the plague.  Turns out people did not want another media player.
  10. Google Print Ads – You have to give it to Google for trying anything once and I doubt they will dabble in print again.  The thought process of the Google team who signed this off was like a Baseball player saying “If I can play professional baseball then surely I can become boxing heavy weight champion of the world?” umm no.

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