Top Ten Digital Camera Brands


Shop Around For the Right Camera

So you are looking for a digital camera that is not going to delete all your wedding photo’s, maybe blur every second shot, or even fall apart after it’s first little knock.  Well this top ten list looks to pull together the best over all digital camera brands which will last the distance and keep your snap happy fingers going for years to come.

Go For Performance over Convenience

Despite the convenience and improving quality of mobile phones globally, the dedicated digital camera is fighting back with more and more connectivity features such as tight integration with social media giants Twitter and Facebook.  The digital camera brands are also taking the picture quality of dedicated cameras to a whole new level with some offering ridiculous digital zoom in conjunction with 16 mega pixels plus of retina splitting definition, not too mention HD video quality many dedicated video cameras would be jealous of.

Mobile Phones are Still a Poor Alternative

Combine the connectivity, zoom, pixels, and HD video with storage that can be ratcheted up past 64GB and you have a camera that is going to take some serious holiday snaps whilst visiting places like New Zealand.   So whilst many would argue that the mobile phones are marginalizing the existence of the digital camera, we would argue that there will always be a place for a dedicated device that has the grunt and technology to out perform any part time device.

So if you are a devoted photographer then take heed and listen to our advice when it comes to choosing the right brand for you as this list is tried and true when it comes to quality, price and performance.

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