Top 10 Retro Style Gadgets

Ghetto Blasters are back and better than ever!
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There is something truly brilliant about taking the retro design of a product you know and love, then updating it with all the latest technology.  Sure some of these retro gadgets brought into the modern era may just be shells of their former selves but let’s be honest, one of the main reasons you feel in love with them was because of the design.

Combine your love of the retro, the panache and down right cool of the design with some useful and sometimes truly innovative technology upgrades and you have something that is worth having in your living room, car, or office.

And for all the girlfriends, mums or wives looking at this post whilst researching gifts for their male loved one’s.  By purchasing one of these gift’s or similar you will automatically go up in the “gift buying respect” ranking list.  Oh yeah, there is such a thing, maybe we don’t have a physical list but there is a virtual one in our mind that we like to recall whenever we go shopping for you.  So essentially you should see this as a mid to long term strategy in getting the presents you want back.

Pentax Optio I10 12.1 MP Digital Camera – There are other great retro styled digital camera’s in the market like Leica or Olympus’s versions but we think the Pentax is the most stylish, affordable and functional retro digital camera in the market.



Fatman iTube Valve Dock Mk. II with Speakers – This is for the true audio retro connoisseur and truly epic sound coming from this audio valve product.



Lasonic i931 Ghetto Blaster with iPod Dock – Just look at this bad boy?  If this Ghetto Blaster does not make you want to dust off the old Adidas and shell suit then we don’t know what will.



Classic USB NES Controller for PC – It might not be completely practical but do you really care when you bring back the good old days of gaming.  Oh yeah, take that Kinect and your “Your are the controller” bullshit:)



Phonophone II Sculpture Amplifier for iPod – Not only is this a beautiful addition to anyone’s living room or bedroom but the Phonophone II produces quality sound.



Crosley CR249 BK Keepsake USB Turntable – Yes we know there are a lot of music gadgets in this list but dam it they are seriously, seriously good and the Crosley is no exception.  Convert your old vinyl in just seconds.



Mix Tape 1GB USB Memory Stick – The most gimmicky in the list but awesome never the less and will appeal to any body who lived through the 80’s.



Tivoli Audio Model Three AM/FM Clock Radio – Add a bit of classic retro style to your bedroom with this sweet little clock radio.



Off The Hook Bluetooth Handset – This is one of the greatest handsets that can let you live like your back in the 60’s or 70’s whilst using software applications like Skype.



Panasonic RP-HTX7-R1 Monitor Stereo Headphones Headphones – Sit back and listen to your favorite Jimi Hendrix albums on these retro styled modern version of Panasonic headphones.



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