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Top Ten Things to Do in Liverpool

Fall in Love with Liverpool There are so many reasons to fall in love with Liverpool. It’s a city that’s packed full of so much culture and history. It’s also home to some of the friendliest people in the world. Whether you love music, art, architecture, sport or just a brilliant time, you will adore the city that’s quickly becoming one of the best destinations in the UK. The Beatles […]

Top Ten Melbourne Airport Car Rental Brands

Find the Best Cars at Melbourne Airport Melbourne airport in Australia is one of the largest and most popular airports in Asia Pacific not only domestically but also internationally. With so many tourists and business people arriving there is a distinct need to rent a quality car for business, pleasure or both. That’s why we have compiled a list of the top ten car hire brands you need to be […]

Top Ten places to visit in Japan

Where Old World Meets New Japan is a land of contrast, where old world traditions and beliefs grapple with the tech driven electric fuelled future. Tokyo as a city is an utterly insane but exciting place to experience. Fast paced isn’t an adequate description. More Michelin Stars than Paris Tokyo is the largest city in the world, home to around 20 million people (thats a lot of sushi). Talking of eating there […]

Top 10 Things to do in San Francisco - California

San Francisco – California is one of those cities that’s a bit different from its host state. Perhaps one of the biggest differences is the attitude of the people. They just seem more down to earth than the other Californian cities, who by comparison are lean towards the self absorbed, materlistic clones with catalogue noses, tits, hair, lips and some pretty strange ideas.

Top Ten Places To Visit In British Columbia

Travelling around British Columbia in an RV for three and half weeks would have to be one of my favorite holidays I have ever been on.    The variation and beauty of the scenery you encounter along this journey is mind blowing, from the arid Onakagan Valley to the rich tundra of Banff National Park. Bristish Columbia is like the South Island of New Zealand but on growth hormones.  Yes New Zealand […]

Top Ten Affordable Luxury Escapes

Are you trying to plan the ultimate luxury escape for a: honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, or you’ve simply been working to hard and need some RnR?  Well just like a cheesy TV commercial “Look no further” because we have found some of the most amazing vacation spots around the world just for you. Sure we could show you the most opulent travel Escapes around the world but what’s the point in that when it’s out of […]

Top Ten Essential Travel Accessories

Make Your Next Holiday Enjoyable Are you looking to escape the madness and take that next holiday away in either a tropical paradise or winter wonderland?  Well you fellow dreamers are not alone, there are nearly a billion people every year travelling round the globe experiencing some of the amazing wonder’s this world has to offer. But let’s not kid ourselves here people, it’s not all sunshine and lollipop’s when you are […]

Top Ten Airlines

Flying is more of a means to and ends then a favorite past time.  Sure we can make it that little bit easier by getting some of the best travel gadgets for long haul flights.  But if you are travelling on an airline that is absolutely rubbish then no matter how many gadgets you have, your experience will be far from ideal. Hopefully everyone reading this list has had the […]

Top Ten Travel Gadgets for the Plane

Flying is tedious at the best of times.  Not only do you have to deal with moody flight attendants and rubbish food but the share boredom you experience on flights anything over 3 hours can be soul destroying. But what if you could make a difference to you flight? What if the next flight you jumped on you can prepared and ready to take boredom head on?  Well we think we can help alleviate […]

Top Ten Waterproof Digital Cameras

Are you heading away on a summer holiday that is going to involve you spending most of your time either sunbathing, drinking or swimming? Well if this is the case then chances are pretty high that you will need a digital camera that is going to be waterproof.

Top Ten Places To Party For New Years

Is it getting to the time of the year again when all your thoughts start to focus on “the biggest” party of the year? You know the one where you get invites about 3 months out and turn them down because you think something better will come along and you don’t want to over commit?  Yes we are talking about New Years,  the one night in the year where people will do almost […]

Top Ten Cheapest Countries To Visit

You are starting to get itchy feet again but are a little strapped for cash right now. So you need a country to visit that is not going to cost you the world to visit but you can still scratch that itch and have a blast. Well this is the Top Ten List for the Cheapest Countries to visit from around the world. Don’t worry the Quick Ten crew are […]

Top Ten Most Dangerous Destinations to Visit

Are you looking for a new place to go and visit on holiday, something that is a little bit off the beaten track? Well here are some countries you definitely want to avoid when planning a “different” vacation or you might not end up coming back from it.

Top Ten Places in South Pacific

Is your boss giving you a hard time, the weather is crap, daylight minimal and you cannot handle another minute in the traffic jam? If the answer is yes then you are in serious need of a holiday!  But this time lets take you somewhere a little different, where the water is pristine, the weather is hot, the people friendly and the sunsets amazing, yes we are talking about the South Pacific. […]

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