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Top Ten British Sports Cars

When the average person thinks of sports car they conjure up images of Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porshe, which is absolutely fine. Of course if you have real finesse, imagination and seek the automotive Holy Grail – a balance of fun, power, style and leather, then ditch the dancing donkey and the laughing cow and take a look at what the British can do.

Top Ten Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency

In these tight times of recessions and dwindling oil supplies its important that you think about how you can make your car more fuel efficient.  Lets face it the electric cars are still not quite there and I’m sure the oil companies will keep the hydrocarbon powered cars out of the mainstream market place until they figure out a way to make money from it.  But what are the best […]

Top Ten Cars for Bogans

They love thier cars those bogans but what cars do they love the most?  At thequickten.com we have come up with a list I’m sure everyone can appreciate.

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