Top Ten Things To Avoid On a Date

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An image of a couple out on a bad date, the man has passed out from too much alcohol while the girl watches on.

She was boring!

Let’s face it dating can be a mine field at the best of times; pay for dinner, don’t pay for dinner, leave seat, pull out seat, kiss, no kiss is she liberal or straight and narrow.  Jeepers, sometimes you just want it to be a bit easier but if it was then you would loose the thrill of it and lets face it life would be a bit boring.  So for those amateurs out there, what are the things you really need to avoid when looking for a partner or at least a bit of fun?

  1. Talk about marriage and kids
  2. Talk about past relationships
  3. Any form of relief whether it be farting, burping, scratching balls etc
  4. Mentioning how many people you have slept with, even worse how many people you have slept with at one time
  5. Calculating the bill and figuring out what each person owes
  6. Don’t talk about yourself too much. Talk, stop, listen and talk again
  7. Talking about your embarrassing hobbies such as collecting ‘my little pony’ figures or human hair
  8. Talking about how much you earn….unless thats all you have
  9. Checking out other people in the bar/restaurant/cafe/ etc
  10. Avoid talking about politics and religion, not only is it boring as shit but it can get you into trouble

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