Top Ten Reasons to Quit Smoking

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Giving up the Ciggies

Another year is about to come around and you have most probably got your new years resolutions all planned out.  As covered in Top Ten New Years Resolutions one of the biggest resolutions is to stop smoking.  So to help you out The Quick Ten thought we would compile a Top Ten list of reasons why you should quite smoking as extra motivation.

  1. Reduce your chances of getting lung cancer, emphysema, and other lung diseases
  2. Reduce your chances of having a heart attack or stroke
  3. You will be able to stick to one of your other resolutions of keeping fit and being healthy a lot easier if you give up smoking through improved energy and stamina
  4. Improve your senses of touch, taste and smell
  5. Improve your the over all smell, mainly breath but also hair, clothes etc
  6. Reduce wrinkles as smoking causes premature aging and wrinkling of the skin
  7. Save money
  8. Reduce the number of colds and coughs through improved health
  9. Improve the color of your teeth and fingers
  10. Reduce the amount of second hand smoke taken in by your friends and family

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