Top Ten Real Estate Agent Lies

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A couple of the team at The Quick Ten have just recently gone through the process of buying a house.   During this process it seemed they had dealt with some interesting real estate agents whom they entered into a seemingly ongoing psychological battle with.  Therefore we have used their experience as inspiration for this Top Ten as on so many occasions they felt like they were being spoon fed the same malarkey or commonly known as “bull shit”.

So hopefully the below list will help you spot the most common lies and avoid some of the pitfalls that comes with home buying.   Combine this with a decent level of research and you will be on your way to negotiating a great deal on a house.

  1. “Trust me” – They are there for the seller not you, so it’s in their interest to shaft you sideways for as much money as possible.
  2. “We have a lot of interest in the house” – Trying to create urgency is a classic lie that you should ignore.
  3. “Houses like this don’t come up very often” – Yeah they do! Don’t fall for this little lie which is focused on making you feel like you will miss out.
  4. “Tomorrow maybe be too late” – Again another FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) tactic by the agents.
  5. “That’s not a damp smell we just shampooed the carpet” – If it’s smell’s damp chances are it is damp and that means trouble.
  6. “The sellers are really sad to leave” – I’m sure they are but you really should not give a shit.  This first and most obvious ploy is they are trying to create a sense of value.  The second is the agent trying to make an emotional connection between you and the seller so you will accept a higher price.
  7. “I have meet the neighbours and they are lovely” – They are an agent, not a love connection master.  This is to give you a sense of comfort about the neighbourhood.
  8. “There are no structural issues” – Until the building inspector says so then don’t believe this one for a second.  They are a salesperson not a builder.
  9. “Not only is this a great home but a great investment” – So I get to have my cake and eat it to? Oh rejoice, I can’t lose! Well yes you can, follow your gut and the raft of information available to you.
  10. “It wont cost much to add a lot of value to this house” – If it’s to good to be true it usually is.

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