Top Ten Most Hated Professions

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Appreciated? Not Really. Hated? Yes.

This is the Top Ten list for the most hated professions in the world. It was a tough list to come up with overall and of course contains a few sweeping generalizations.  However for the long suffering crew here at The Quick Ten, number one was the easiest!
Traffic Wardens truly do encompass everything people hate in a profession on a day to day basis.  If they are not putting a ticket on your car for parking 10cm over the yellow line they are trying to get you towed for being 10cm away from the curb.

Traffic Warden: Simply no words can explain the frustration we feel with these parking demons of the streets –  Get Clever and create your own parking zone.


Bouncers: Too much weights, not enough speed work – Get the speed you need.


Lawyer: If they can find a way to charge you for something then they usually will – Make like Tom Cruise in “A Few Good Men”


Recruitment Consultant: They will never have your best interests at heart – Leap frog the recruiters and start your own business.


Estate Agents: “there are absolutely no issues with this house” Hmmm – Get the one up on your real estate agent


Politicians: There biggest job is finding jobs to make themselves look busy – Learn the art of Spin.


Tele-sales: No time is a good time after work so please never call us – Move to a Skype phone.


Bankers: The glorified art of gambling – Put your money in a safe.


Dentists: It’s a combination of the money the charge and the physical pain they inflict – Try out this pro-teeth whitening kit.


PR People: General lack of consideration for the truth in favor of horrendous lies – Update your knowledge of PR.


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  1. July 16, 2009  3:29 am by punk Reply

    Humm, I think foxtons estate agents (english company of wide tie wearing, wide boy c*$ts driving around in mini coopers) should def make the list.

  2. July 31, 2009  7:30 am by soilyboy Reply

    hmmm in our current global meltdown surely bankers should go straight in at number one, granted this is a temporary crisis, but when have bankers ever been popular...bankers...fucking greedy wankers more like

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  4. February 8, 2010  10:02 pm by JPK Reply

    i think recruitment consultants should be further up that list & i notice that even car salesmen didnt rate in comparison to some of these leaches of society - especially the recruitemnt consultants!

    • February 9, 2010  3:01 am by HotSoup Reply

      Its a tough one JPK as I have definitely had crap experiences with recruitment consultants but unfortunately they are a necessary evil to help us (mostly hinder) get jobs. Unlike traffic wardens whose only purpose on this earth is to piss people off.

  5. April 9, 2010  6:38 pm by carl Reply

    They left out Repo men. Tru TV has a whole show devoted to the vermin.

  6. May 4, 2010  11:54 am by Christopher Reply

    I don't like most people employed by public TV channels as their salary are legally granted from our pockets, well-knowing that what they produce has no market value, hence they have managed to enforce a payment scam by law - further giving unfair competition to private TV channels and private incentives... Some people say it is a remedy against corrupted and one-sided private TV-channels (guess where), I disagree, to me it is only a pillow - the real remedy in such cases is to establish and enforce a proper broadcasting standard and a more open access to a larger number of ventures, which ensures/satisfies a diversity of opinion and taste.

    1. I mostly agree that all people should have access to news and maybe also to some quality documentaries (can be produced with the same news-substance much cheaper), but 80% of the time they are showing entertainment such as cartoons, talent-shows, reality-TV and a lot more that I think is unfair to force others to pay for. In Denmark we pay/get stolen approximately 300 euro every year and even throwing out our TV is not enough, the fact that you have a fast internet connection that includes a mobile connection makes the license impossible to avoid. This is legally encouraged theft and thieves naturally belong to the top of hated professions, just as well as drug dealers closely followed by some ruthless bankers.
    2. These money we could spend on something else, we could donate them to foreign aid (together that is a large sum of money), we could buy a budget weekend trip, spend it on dinners or in the club, we could just save them up or if we really liked those TV channels and thought it was so high quality as they claim it is, then we could pay for them - at least we would have a choice.

    3. The most hated among these public TV people is those people without perspective and integrity who are paid to stalk and "knock" on people's doors like some sort of "gestapo-service" to see if people are actually having a TV in their house. This exists because the TV channels claim it is not possible to measure who actually watch these channels or not - which most people with the slightest understanding of modern technology know is not true. Just think about the costs of having these pirates running around in the cities. I am law-abiding and I pay my license in bitterness, just as well as if I don't agree with the speed limits I still have to accept them and use my public opinion to change them.
    4. I am aware that some of you will say that national TV (public TV) channels exist in order to promote and create equal access to national culture and identity (enlightenment). If this is true then I find it amusing that national soccer games are not been shown in these public TV channels knowing how much soccer means to people and their affiliations - or perhaps they just promote a selective and carefully chosen part of culture such as cooking, talent and gardening programs.

    5. Of course BBC would never put their own people in the category of hated professions, but instead they blame it on politicians, who paradoxically are the reason why they still exist (maybe at arm's length to a cultural department/ministry, but still), footballers, who are among the group of professional sportsmen with most fans and supporters, I seriously doubt how come they can be so hated and bus drivers who are taking on a very responsible job at some inconvenient working hours and at a very low pay.

    Sorry, I got a little caught up in explaining this, but I know there are many BBC supporters in here, so I would just like to explain more into detail why BBC (plus other public TV channels) is the best fit to its own list.

    • May 5, 2010  2:55 am by HotSoup Reply

      Wow that is a great explanation Christopher and appreciate the lengths you have gone to get your point across! The team at The Quick Ten salutes you.

  7. July 20, 2010  7:40 pm by Lee Reply

    they said pr people ahahah i am so dumb i thought they ment puerto rican people, and noooo i am not being hateful i love spanish men lol, just bein funny and truthful!!!! lol

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  9. February 3, 2011  10:01 am by me Reply

    You left out debt collectors, and Process servers. I have been called ever name in the book, knifes pulled, guns pulled, and even dogs sicked on me.

    • February 3, 2011  11:51 am by Quick Ten Reply

      Holy heck, that does not sound very good! Glad you are OK.....well hopefully you are OK?

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  12. March 31, 2014  6:15 pm by Caitie Reply

    What about sport referees?

    • March 31, 2014  9:45 pm by Quick Ten Reply

      Depends on what team you are on and the sporting event:)

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