Top Ten Lady Gaga Outfits

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Lady Gaga is more influential than Opera, has a massed millions upon millions of followers on Twitter and ‘likes’ on Facebook and keeps producing more hits than Madonna at her peak.

But what makes this global sensation so appealling? Her music is obviously ground breaking in the pop culture industry but Lady Gaga’s fashion ‘ambushing’ of music videos and award ceremonies has won her a cult like following with her fans and admiration amongst her peers.

The outfits have truly captivated the imagination of a generation and provided her with a self perpetuating PR machine.  Trying to guess what she is going to come out with next is like being able to predict an earthquake…..although to be honest predicting an earthquake might actually be easier. 

But what has been the most captivating and controversial out fit to date? There have been many so crunching down this list into the Top Ten has been a little bit of a battle but we think we might have cracked it.


The meat suit worn at the MTV awards: An image of Lady Gaga wearing the meat suit at the MTV music and video awards


The Lobster outfit that was worn at Mr Chow’s in London:An image of lady Gaga wearing the Lobster hat


Lady Gaga stepped it up with this out fit within a shell at the Grammy’s:An image of Lady Gaga in a shell at the Grammy's



The Bubble dress from the Fame Ball tour: 


The full body Red Lace dress from the VMA’s: An image of Lady Gaga at the VMAs dressed completely in red lace


The Living dress from the Monsters Ball tour:An image of Lady Gaga in the living dress from the Monsters Ball tour


The tiered white dress from the Brit Awards:An image of Lady Gaga in a tiered white dress at the Brit Awards


Lady Gaga wearing pearls at the beginning of Fashion week:An image of Lady Gaga wearing pearls and a bikini at Fashion Week


The see through Nun dress from her Monsters Ball tour:An image of Lady Gaga wearing a see through nun's outfit


Lady Gaga got a bit cheeky with this as our number ten:An image of Lady Gaga showing some cheek

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