Top Ten Deadliest Natural Disasters Of The Past Century

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An image of a boat that has been moved into the city during the Indian Ocean Tsunami

The raw power of the Tsunami is evident here.

With all the natural disasters occurring of late it might seem that we are heading to a doomsday of cataclysmic proportions.  But even though global warming is being rammed into our ear drums every day we have been seeing major disasters since the early dawn of this past century.

Sometimes I feel that the reason some of us feel that there is an immanent doomsday approaching is because of the access we now have to media.  You can hear about anything around the world in real time not only via the inordinate amount of news and information sites but because the proliferation of social media.  Take yourselves back 100 years and ignorance was bliss irrespective of the disasters occurring round the world.

Anywho, enough rambling from me, here is the top ten:

  1. China floods in China November 1931 – 2,500,000
  2. Bhola cyclone in Bangladesh, November 1970 – 500,000
  3. Haiti earthquake in Haiti,  January 2010-  316,000
  4. Tangshan earthquake in China, July 1976 – 242,419
  5. Haiyuan earthquake in China, December 1920 – 234,000
  6. Indian Ocean Tsunami in Indonesia, December 2004 – 230,210
  7. Great Kanto earthquake in Japan, September 1923 – 142,000
  8. Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar, May 2008 – 138,000
  9. Bangladesh cyclone in Bangladesh, April 1991 – 138,000
  10. Ashgabat earthquake in Turkmenistan, October 1948 – 120,000

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