Top Ten Ways of Increasing Brain Capacity

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An image of the electrical pulses generated by our brain cells

Brain cells

So we have all heard the magical brain power figure of 10% or if you have watched the movie “Limitless” (which inadvertently sparked this top ten) it’s 20%.  Yes, some people firmly believe that humans only use 10% of their brain.  However other’s firmly believe that this is a myth brought about partly by mis-diagnosis in the 1800’s and the love of the media to jump on fantastical stories or even hope.

Through our research it’s clear that everyone might be partially right, let me explain.  We firmly believe that the 10% quote is a myth but potentially only through mis-interpretation.  Any loss in brain usage would be catastrophic so this can not be put down to a % and we don’t believe there is a correct % that has ever been calculated.  

The mis-interpretation could actually fall around the  word “usage”.  Your brain most definitely uses 100% of it’s basic function other wise this would cause a dangerous chain reaction through your body commonly associated with brain damage.  However there is the very real possibility to increase the ability of your brain to function in a more lucid, efficient, and dynamic capacity.

That brings us on to our top ten list.  What are the best ways to increase the capacity of our brain to allow us to; process information quicker, determine potential outcomes faster and retain more knowledge?

  1. Brain Games: Play games that test your logic and constantly push your decision making ability – Get Started with the Nintendo DS.
  2. Healthy body, healthy mind: Fitness, it’s an oldie but a goodie so keep your brain guessing, adapting and the heart pumping – Improve your fitness with Kettle Bells.
  3. Break Routines: Force your brain to move away from basic routine’s in your life so that it can adapt and remember new aspects – Break the Routine
  4. Seafood: Get more fish in your diet especially the ones with high Omega 3 in them such as salmon, sardines, mackerel and tuna – Cooking with Fish
  5. Senses: Give your senses a boost by trying out new foods, using your left instead of your right (or vice versa),  read something different, listen to Mozart (apparently a benefit in it’s own right) etc – Alight the senses.
  6. Reduce TV: Turning the TV off and removing the ability for other mediums to think for you is a sure fire way of improving your ability to think in a more lucid manor – Do a puzzle.
  7. Reflection: Take time to reflect on past memories – Let this Picture Frame help you reflect.
  8. Moderation: Drink in moderation and avoid drugs if you want to keep your brain’s capacity at it’s peak – Detox
  9. Visualization: Stay positive and visualize how you are going to do achieve a goal successfully – Positive visualization
  10. Breathing: Learn how to control your breathing so that you can think clearly and get enough oxygen to the brain.  During even slightly stressful situations can alter your breathing – Control your breathing

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