Top Ten Super Foods Available at the Supermarket

Superfood shopping
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Supermarket superfood

Superfood shopping

Start Getting Healthy

So you’ve done the New Years detox, you’re busy juicing and you’re hitting the gym; no? Well perhaps you’re not doing all or even one of these, but if you do want to be a little healthier there are some items that are worth adding to your shopping basket, but beware what you buy.

Chances are you have heard of the term Superfood it basically means food that has very high Nutrition content. The trouble is, super foods are often associated with faddish, high priced items touted to offer health benefits such reducing the risk of heart disease, curing cancer, boosting immunity, restoring hair growth, giving the strength of ten tigers and making you fly. But there is often limited medical or scientific evidence to back this up.

Cheaper Alternatives But All the Same Nutrients

Whilst many of these trendy Superfoods like acai berry and goji berries are packed with nutrients and contain powerful anti-oxidents; there are cheaper more readily available items that will do you just as much good. So in the interest of keeping it real, Quickten have come up with the top ten Supermarket ready super foods:

  1. Kale

  2. Broccoli

  3. Green tea

  4. Beetroot

  5. Cherries or blueberries

  6. Honey

  7. Kiwi fruit

  8. Salmon

  9. Ginger

  10. Oats

And if you’re looking for a serotonin boosting feel good factor treat to eat try these beetroot, dark chocolate and chilli brownies.  You can also check out our top ten list of manuka honey brands from New Zealand if you really want to add some luxury sweetness to your life.

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