Top Ten Earthquake Safety Tips

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An image of a road that has collapse and subsided due to an earthquake fissure

No driving on this road.

We have seen many devastating earthquakes around the globe and we will unfortunately continue to see these occur as the world continues to shift and move in a seemingly symbiotic relationship with mankind.

There have also been some recent and very tragic events that have lead us to write this Top Ten list about helping people survive earthquakes.  But we hope that these tips will help you out if you are ever caught in a big earthquake.  If you have any other great tips then please feel free to comment below and help us build a substantial and useful list.

The below safety tips are more geared to earthquakes occurring when you are at home however the same rules should apply when you are at work.  So make sure there is a person at your office that is charge of some of the aspects below.

  1. Have a survival supply of products that you can easily access set aside to sustain you and your family for at least 2 to 3 weeks. Things you should consider are: blankets, torches, candles, matches, bottled water, solar powered radio, canned food, spade. – Buy a Specialized Kit Now
  2. Make sure everyone that you live with knows where they can switch off the gas, electricity and water.
  3. Purchase a first aid kit – Buy One Now
  4. Assess your home for areas of low risk/protection zones such as; doorways away from glass, strong tables etc and also high risk areas such as; large windows, chimneys.
  5. Secure heavy objects so that they cannot fall over during a big shake – Buy Safety Straps Now
  6. If you live in a coastal area and are at sea level then move to high ground as soon as the earthquake has finished so that you can remove the additional risk of being caught up in a potential Tsunami.
  7. If you are outside move to an area where no falling debris or structures can hurt you.
  8. After the quake has finished and there is no Tsunami risk then assess the damage to your property.  If the house has sustained damage to aspects such as the foundations, walls, support beams etc then do not stay in the property as aftershocks could collapse the structure. – Buy a Tent Now
  9. If you are inside when the earthquake strikes then attempt to move to your closest safety area but do not attempt to run outside as this can increase the risk of injury from falling objects.
  10. Always boil your water until all sewerage and water utilities been given the all clear. – Boil Water Large Amounts of Water Outdoors

Note: The above are tips that can be applied to general circumstances.  However always use your best judgement and knowledge within the circumstances that don’t necessarily pertain the above.

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