Top Ten Vodka’s

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An image of the award winning vodka from New Zealand, 42 Below

Multi award winning vodka, 42Below

Vodkas Don’t All Taste the Same

On your numerous relapse’s with lady liquor you may think that most Vodka’s taste exactly the same but oh how wrong you would be.  This simple, clean and clear devils juice is more complex than you think.  You need look no further than the ingredients used during the distilling process t refine the flavours.   For example, wheat vodkas are smooth and soft while rye produced vodkas are more hardy and lightly spiced.

Another common misconception with this drink is that the best tasting ones come from Russia.  Whilst they and other European countries produce a phenomenal amount of  great Vodka, our friends in the Southern hemisphere such as New Zealand and Australia  don’t do to badly for themselves either.

How is this Alcohol Produced

The production origins of vodka use to stem mainly from the distilling and fermentation of potatoes and grain. But as it became more widely distributed the humble potato did not have the purity qualities of grain.  Therefore  the main distillation switch was made to cereal grains such as; rye, wheat, barley, and most commonly corn.

Lets Cut to the Chase so you can get a Drink

But what is the best Vodka out there?  What distillation and fermentation process combined with quality product has been used to get the cleanest, most pure vodka in the market? Well let’s find out so you can crack into either a neat vodka or get a bit crazy with some winter or summer cocktails.

42 Below – New Zealand


Finlandia – Finland


Reyka – Iceland


Grey Goose – France


Absolut – Sweeden


Chopin – Poland


Bogorodskaya – Russia


Ciroc – France


Jewell of Russia – Russia


Effen – Netherlands


Bonus Mention – Whilst Vodka O don’t make the top ten list we thought that they at least deserve a mention purely because we believe they have a fantastic product and are one to keep an eye in the not too distant future.  They have a stellar team at the helm and truly care about the product, its ingredients and where they are going to take the brand.  Good Luck.

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  2. July 14, 2011  3:57 pm by alfredo Reply

    grey goose is a scam guys.
    Ive been in the industry for over 20 years.
    do a little research and youll figure it out.

    The list reallys sucks. Wikipedia has better info lol

    • July 14, 2011  7:36 pm by Quick Ten Reply

      Hmmmm, what would be your Top Ten Vodka's Alfredo? Surely with your 20 years experience in the industry you would be writing the wikipedia articles:) So let us know what you think.
      In terms of research, it was pretty rigorous and there were numerous hangovers to show for it.

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