Top Ten Tips For A House Party

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It’s Time to Party

You have an important party coming up at your house and you really need to make sure it goes well.  With this in mind The Quick Ten tam have put together a Top ten List for tips which will save you from having a disaster on your hands.  Just keep us in mind next time you have a party though and maybe set some beers aside for us or even send us an invite!

So lets begin!

  1. Chill your warm beer/wine that’s not in the fridge fast by placing them in a tub of ice water and salt – Find out more here:
  2. Use a BBQ to cook the food.  It’s easy and can cater to the masses.
  3. Prep the toilets and stock up with plenty of toilet paper.
  4. Tell you neighbors before the big night so that they are not shocked by the amount of noise so as to avoid a call from the local noise control.  Even better yet, if you are friendly with your neighbors invite them over and they will be doping shots of Jagermeister in no time!
  5. Music, Music and more music.  Make sure you have enough variety to keep the mood going and upping the tempo over the night as people have a few more drinks is always a good idea.  If you cannot be bothered sorting this and have some extra cash then source a good DJ.
  6. Use social media.  Sure it might be a bit naff but set-up an event on your facebook account so at least you can have a running total on who is coming and who is not coming.  Therefore when you go to get supplies you will have  a good idea of numbers attending.  You can even engage further with them and get them to vote on music, food, alcohol etc they wan to have.
  7. Prepare for rain.  If it’s going to be an outdoor party then prep for rain even if you live in California.  Some options are; Patio Umbrellas, plastic sheets or covers on the floor for when they storm the house, clear out the garage for an additional space.
  8. Keep the numbers manageable especially if you are going to be hitting the booze quite hard.  If you can cope with 50 then invite 40 so as you are not having to fight fires all night….hopefully not literally.
  9. Carbo load.  Buy food that is heavy and will soak up alcohol and lessen the nights debauchery.
  10. Be a responsible host and provide transport options for people leaving the party.  This could be anything from a taxi number to a map of where the local train or bus station is.

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  1. December 19, 2010  9:30 am by Nicholas Reply

    Great tips !!!

  2. January 8, 2011  9:18 pm by erica Reply

    It is definitly not a good idea to post your party on face book.
    Then everyone your not inviting, including people who don't even know you, will show up for sure.

    • January 9, 2011  2:23 am by Quick Ten Reply

      These things definitely have a way of spreading round a lot quicker with the proliferation of social media.

    • October 4, 2011  11:53 am by Katherine Reply

      You can and should post it on Facebook, you can make events private now so just people who you invite can see the event. You can also make it so that you are the only person who can invite people. And if more people show up than you invited, just kick them out. Use the old "turn off the lights and music and tell them that the police are coming" trick.

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