Top Ten Pizza Recipes

showing the meat lovee.
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An image of the world famous meat lovers pizza

Showing the meat love.

Pizza is one of the most popular meals being consumed around the world, so much so that a whopping 350 slices of pizza are eaten every second in the US alone (source: Pizza – The Fun Facts About That Great Dish).  That is crazy stats considering the humble beginnings of the modern pizza in which cheese was added to in 1889, taking it from the basic Neopolitan pie to the beginnings of this food phenomenon.

As Pizza has expanded across the globe and been exposed to the differing tastes of nations it’s got a little out of hand with it’s evolution of toppings, crusts and even move into the realms of desert pizza’s.  So we are going to cut through the rubbish recipes and present to you the very best pizza recipes that will not only impress your tastes buds but also those of your friends lucky enough to try some.

Remember we are not showing any loyalty to thin or thick crust here but if you do really want a good base then we do highly recommend Mama Leone’s Pizza Crust Mix With Rosemary & Basil.


Meat lovers Pizza: Don’t skimp on the quality of meat when pulling this adopted and evolved classic – Recipe


Margherita Pizza – The tomato base is crucial in creating the best Margherita so get your hands on Carmelina ‘e San Marzano for best results – Recipe


Italian Sausage and Pepper Pizza: Find your closest Italian deli and spare no expense – Recipe


Hawaiian Pizza: To get the best possible pizza don’t overload the pineapple so it get’s watery and go organic with Native Forest Organic Pineapple ChunksRecipe


BBQ Chicken and Bacon Pizza: This is about Italian as sushi but oh so good,  just remember to use roast chicken and Dinosaur BBQ SauceRecipe


Marinara Pizza: Two essential things here: quality garlic and great cheese. Without it and the pizza will fall flat. – Recipe


White Pizza: Get the choices of cheese’s right or don’t bother with this tomato free Pizza. – Recipe


Prosciutto e Funghi Pizza: The original calls for champignon mushrooms but mix it up with portebello mushrooms – Recipe


La Napoletana Pizza: This one is more for the Pizza traditionalist with the topping essentials of anchovies and capers – Recipe


Seafood Pizza: Don’t over complicate or over power this pizza with seafood, fresh shrimp and crab meat will be enough – Recipe



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