Top Ten New Zealand Wine Grape Varieties

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An Image of a New Zealand winery

Great NZ Vines

One of the Best Wine Produces

New Zealand is fast becoming one of the finest wine producing countries in the world.  Their world renowned range of Sauvignon Blanc’s has really put them on the map.  But now they are starting to conquer the world with other great varieties of grapes that they use to create their varietal wine.

Only the Best For Your Wine Rack

Every wine connoisseur has either built their own wine rack or at least gone out and spent some money on some sturdy racks for their cellar/cupboard. Therefore you should be well informed about the best possible wine to buy from New Zealand, whether it be a Cloudy Bay Savignon Blanc (our personal favourite) or a beautiful Otago Pinot Noir such as the Peregrine.

But what are the top grape varieties in New Zealand?

  1. Sauvignon Blanc
  2. Chardonnay
  3. Pinot Noir
  4. Merlot
  5. Riesling
  6. Cabernet Sauvignon
  7. Chenin Blanc
  8. Pinot Gris
  9. Gamay Noir
  10. Syrah

For a great choice of wines then look no further than Wild South’s white label range. They have vineyard’s throughout both Wairau and Awatere valleys in the South Island of New Zealand.

An image of the Wild South Wine brand


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