Top Ten International Breweries

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This is more than just home brew

I’m sure of all of you remember your first taste of beer fondly.  Mine happened when a cold beer was secretly handed down to me by my dad whilst he is watching sport with his mates. Whispering nervously he said “just a sip mate, but don’t tell your mom”.  Man, that beer tasted like shit! I doubled back in disgust and carried on drinking my coke, swearing to myself I would never taste that amber fluid again.

But oh how times and tastes changed.  Sure the first few attempts at drinking beer did not go down so well but then I started fostering this unusual taste for it.  Before you know it, it became the tipple of my choice and has been for many years….well until it’s like 2 in the morning and I’m needing to cleanse the pallet so opt for some vodka soda’s and freshly squeezed lime.

Anyway, enough with the reminiscing here though and more about the breweries who produce the best beers in the world. Who are they?  Well we are about to find out as we jump on this little journey into the world of brews.  The deciding elements in creating this top ten list has been the sampling of some of the top beers from these brewers.  But more importantly finding the breweries that offer a range that can be appreciated by a broad spectrum of beer drinkers.  I’m sure we will not please everyone and maybe upset those knobs who will only drink the finest Trappist beers from Belgium and who have a penchant for being spanked by a dominatrix, but hey, thems the breaks.


Epic – A brewery in New Zealand that has one of the best Pale Ales that we have ever tasted.  To be completely honest their entire range of beers is absolutely outstanding.  So if you are looking for that x-factor in your next beer purchase then look these guys up. Check out: Epic Brewery


Weihenstephaner – One of the oldest brewries in the world and the best in Bavaria.  Our personal favourite is the clean tasting Pilsner. Check out: Weihenstephaner Brewery


Unicer – We know we are going to get grief for having this Portuguese Brewery at number 3 but dam it their Super Bock brand is simply the best main stream pale lager in the market today.  I don’t care if you are a veteran beer critic who only likes boutique beers from micro breweries, Unicer’s beer is superb. Check out: Unicer’s Super Bock


Brewery Bosteels – Brewed in Belgium and famous for the production of  Kwak.  Served in a traditional glass (mini yard glass) and wooden stand. Needless to say a night on this left me trying to jump start an abandoned bob cat in the middle of Brugge at 3am. Check Out: Brewery Bosteels


Deschutes – This American brewery has a serious range of beers that have been generating awards for a while now.  You can’t go past their Mirror Pond Pale Ale. Check out: Deschutes Brewery


 BierVision Monstein – This brewery is located high in the mountains of Switzerland and is fact the highest altitude brewery in Europe.  Their beautifully refreshing Bernina is sensational and truly encapsulates the fresh mountain ingredients such as the water and hops. Check out:  BierVision Brewery


Kiuchi – This Japanese brewery started back in 1823 and has been producing everything from Sake to beer.  If you are feeling like something a little different then you get your lips on a bottle of the Red Rice Ale which has a multitude of differing flavors that will get your taste buds in a spin. Check out: Kiuchi Brewery


Erdinger – Another German triumph in the world of brewers and one of the largest wheat beer breweries round today.   I personally feel in love with Erdinger’s famous Weissbier whilst working in London and spending a few Friday winter lunches at The Slaughtered Lamb in Clerkenwell. This beer definitely sneaks up on you but is an absolute pleasure. Check out: Erdinger Brewery


Wells & Young’s – This top ten list would not complete without a good sturdy English Brewery and in terms of their beers you don’t have to look any further then the signature “Wells Bombardier”.  This will keep you happy no matter how rubbish the weather is. Check out:  Wells & Young’s Brewery.


Guinness – Just because it’s main stream does not make this brewery any less iconic or worthy of making this top ten list.  We have also had the added bonus of trying the famous Irish stout fresh from the brewery tap in Dublin. Check out:  Guinness Brewery.


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