Top Ten Foods for Curing a Hangover

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Not Such a Great Idea But We can Cure it

Most of us have gone through the pain and suffering of a self induced, hedonistic hangover.  At the time you thought it was the best idea to keep drinking till 4am and get up for work at 7am whilst slurring the famous words of “I’m not even drunk”.  Maybe you had an excuse because it was St Patrick day and you are 1/20th Irish. What ever the reason, we are here to help!

A lot of Research Went into This

We all know the hurt you go through, believe us, we went through a lot of late night research to collate this list! So without further ado the Quick Ten team  would now like to present to you the best foods for curing your hangover….well at least giving you enough clarity to be able to explain to your boss why you are not wearing any pants.

If you really need to detox then check here.

Water, water and more water – It may be boring but it will work a treat.


Watermelon – try making a watermelon shake with a bit of Electrolyte powder.


Caffeine – Just make sure it’s not a feeble mocochino.


Salted peanuts – For those allergic to nuts then go for pretzels.


Sports Drinks – The more Electrolytes the better


Sausages, Bacon and eggs (combined) – Probably one of the most satisfying cures


Banana – The potassium in these yellow bad boys will have you back on track in no time


Potatoes – Carbs are goooood


Grapes – Don’t get stuck into them straight away as the acidity could upset your stomach


Bread – Again, more carbs into your morning will get you sorted if not a little lethargic

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  1. July 10, 2009  4:36 pm by pablo Reply

    ameteurs! you forgot "hair of the dog"

  2. July 11, 2009  8:40 pm by Dapper Dan Reply

    a wank and a nap. sorted!

  3. April 20, 2011  11:28 pm by Jon B Reply

    The best way to tackle it is by doing it in this order when you wake up:
    - Water at 1 litre, sipped not skilled over about 45mins.
    - Full Breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausages and beans.
    - 1 litre of an Electrolyte drink of some
    description sipped over 30 mins.
    - then finish on some peanuts with another 500mls of water and a panadol.

    • April 20, 2011  11:32 pm by Quick Ten Reply

      Wow that is a nicely detailed way to spend the morning getting over your hangover!

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  6. November 30, 2013  5:46 pm by Thales Reply

    Bacon and eggs for the win. Works every time

  7. December 26, 2013  9:25 pm by Matthew Just Reply

    The perfect thing for a hangover is a can of Verve! A full serving of vitamins and plant sourced minerals literally takes care of it every time, check it out at my site if you're interested!

  8. March 20, 2014  11:28 am by Elaine Reply

    I AGREE with the water completely. As I've gotten older, it's the only thing that will work. And then I go into phases of feelin better after overcoming the 'I wanna barf everywhere' stage. Water + Breakfast + Sleep = CURED!

    • March 20, 2014  10:57 pm by Quick Ten Reply

      Keeping it simple is usually the best:)

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