Top Ten Countries for Alcohol Consumption Per Capita

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Boxing Day for Santa.

Drinking alcohol is a favourite past time of many people.  For some it’s a way of forgetting their tough day at work or maybe simply looking to relax during the weekend.  Show we have all had one too many and ended up doing something we regretted.

But who takes it more seriously than others (and is in constant need of hangover cures)? Which country can claim to consume the most alcohol per capita? Not too sure if the country who wins this award should be proud of their achievement but then again they probably wouldn’t remember it anyway.

Luxembourg – 14.9 litres per capita


Ireland- 14.2 litres per capita


Portugal – 13 litres per capita


Hungary – 12.3 litres per capita


Czech Republic – 11.8 litres per capita


Spain – 11.7 litres per capita


Denmark – 11.5 litres per capita


Austria – 11.3 litres per capita


Switzerland – 11.2 litres per capita


France – 10.5 litres per capita

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