Top Ten Cookbooks

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The last 15 years has seen an explosion in the cookbook market. You only need to pay your local bookshop a visit to see that every chef and cook, celebrity or otherwise has published a collection of recipes and culinary musings. And much as I respect Gordan Ramsey’s restaurateur achievements, it does sometimes feel like he’s in a race to publish as many books as his rival Jamie Oliver… or Barbara Cartland.

With such a range to choose from it can be tough to know what one to buy, even for a seasoned foodie and even more difficult if you are buying gifts. So to help you decide, the quick ten has come up with a world class list of cookbooks featuring dishes from around the world.

  1. Larousse Gastronomique

    This is perhaps the most comprehensive reference book for all things cooking and food. It’s a true encyclopedia of edibles.

  2. Grand Livre De Cuisine – Alain Ducasse’s

    Ducasse, French chef and restratuer, has an impressive haul of Michelin Stars. This is his most definitive cookbook, featuring French and Mediterranean recipes, ingredients and techniques. And packed with food porn.

  3. Vietnamese Home Cooking – Charles Phan

    Charles Phan owner of Vietnamese fusion restaurant in San Francisco, I love this book as it provides a break down on techniques from making dumplings to hot & sour soup.

  4. Nutmeg & Custard Marcus Wareing

    One of Gordan Ramsey’s protégés, this book is worth it for the section on puds and other desserts alone.

  5. Go Fish – Al Brown

    Brown has become something of a Kiwi celeb chef in the last few years. This is a real down to earth book, packed full of great recipes, stories and narrative.

  6. Great Britain – Jamie Oliver

    What modern day cookbook list could be complete from the Naked Chef himself? British cuisine might not be your idea of good eating but this cook book is jammed full of old favourites and plenty of new ones taking influences from the blessed isles multicultural melting pot (pun intended). Well worth the investment.

  7. POLPO – Russell Norman

    If you are looking for something a little different from the average Italian recipe book then this might just be what you are looking for. A Venetian cookbook (of sorts) from the owners of London restaurant Polpo.

  8. Far Eastern Odyssey – Rick Stein

    Rick Stein’s unassuming, laid back almost fatherly narrative has always been a favourtie of mine. This book is packed with colourful and appetizing photos it’s a nice introduction to more exotic meals, without being unachievable

  9. Movida Rustica – Frank Camora and Richard Cornish

    Traditional Spanish
    Looking for the real Spain? Look no further, Spanish born Aussie bred chef Frank Comora has gone to some lengths in this book to capture the traditional meals of regional Spain.

  10. Bouchon – Thomas Keller

    Modern French
    If you ever pay the Napa Valley a visit, then I highly recommend a visit to Bouchon, the books namesake. Bouchon the book and restaurant take a slightly modern approach to the solid cooking found in a typical French bistro. If you like French food you’ll like Bouchon.

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