Top Ten Chicken Recipes

Succulent Chicken
An image of a Roast Chicken used in the best recipe

Succulent Chicken

So often people say that most unusual meat (and other undefinable fleshy food) tastes like chicken, well maybe not survival expert Bear Grylls but that’s because he has eaten the most inedible things on the planet.  However aside from these taste affiliations, chicken is one of the most widely used protein’s (as they love saying on either Top Chef or Masterchef) across the world and provides the base to many a great recipe.

Sure there are multiple uses for chickens like; eggs, pets, fighting or even used in Indonesia to channel evil spirits.  But the plethora of poultry recipes available is something that any real food lover should spend time working through and refining   That’s where we come in, we are about to narrow down your initial decision making and give you the best chicken recipes so you can at least begin your culinary journey on the right foot.

Now you don’t have to worry, these chicken recipes have been researched based on quality, bold flavours and robust ingredients.  So essentially what we are trying to say is that we went into this not looking for finicky, and delicate Michelin star recipes but chicken meals you can re-create at home in your very own kitchen.


Chicken TeriyakiRecipe and relevant cook book


Honey Glazed Lemon Roast Chicken – Recipe and relevant cook book


Chicken Bacon Roulades – Recipe and relevant cook book


Chicken and Vegetable Pot Pie – Recipe and relevant cook book


Kung Pao Chicken – Recipe and relevant cook book


Peri Peri Chicken – Recipe and relevant cook book


Chicken Cacciatore – Recipe and relevant cook book


Rotisserie Chicken – Recipe and relevant cook book


BBQ Sticky Chicken with Lemon & Garlic – Recipe and relevant cook book


 Chicken Marbella – Recipe and relevant cook book



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