Top Ten Affordable Scottish Single Malt Whiskies

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An image of single malt whiskey barrels aging.

The ageing process.

The world of Single Malt Whisky is a confusing one with hundreds to choose from ranging from $30 to thousands of dollars. The Quickten team have put together a list of excellent Scottish malts so you can avoid making a pricey mistake.

Single malt whisky differs from other whisky in that it comes from only one distillery and is made with malted barley.

  1. Cragganmore 12 yr – Speyside. Medium dry, smooth, slightly smoky.
  2. Macallan 10yr- Speyside. Malty, strong sherry notes and spicy fruit cake.
  3. Glenfarclas 12 yr – Speyside. Spicy sherry taste with a pleasant lingering oaky finish.
  4. Longmorn 16yr – Speyside. Smoky, fruity, creamy and soft malt.
  5. Balvenie double wood 12 yr – Speyside. Rich, smooth and complex.
  6. Glenmorangie port finish – Highlands. Soft, smooth, raisins and hints of dark ripe plum.
  7. Highland Park 12 yr – Orkney. Smoky, honey and heather flavours.
  8. Springbank 12 yr – Cambeltown.  Toffee, complex and a long finish.
  9. Laphroag 10 yr – Isle of Islay. Dry, peaty, iodine, hints of seaweed not for the faint hearted.
  10. Caol Ila 10yr – Isle of Islay. Robust, peaty with a long finish.

Malt whisky says a lot about the drinker; unpretentious, a touch of refinement, they probably enjoy brussel sprouts, cold showers and fighting angry Jack Russells for the last toffee.

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  2. June 8, 2010  1:13 pm by HotSoup Reply

    So what do you recommend I use for a hangover once I have finished one of these fine single malt whiskies?

  3. June 8, 2010  5:30 pm by Gareth Reply

    Funny you should ask as I am working on an article for this. To keep you going until then try a bottle of Lucozade and a full English/Scottish/Irish breakfast.

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