Top 10 Kitchen Knives

The right knife for the job.
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An image of a Wusthof Classic Chefs knife on a chopping block

The right knife for the job.

I’m sure there is many a person out there reading this now who has watched their fair share of cooking shows like; Mastechef or Top Chef .  Watching intently as the various recipes are being made by the contestants, admiring the knives they use under pressure to cut their protein or delicately score the skin of a sumptuous cut of pork belly.

Now you are thinking it’s your turn to take the next step in your culinary journey, maybe to make a living of it and maybe just to up your game in your kitchen at home.   Well what better way to begin by building up your collection of chef knives.  

Finding the right knife is really important as there is a massive difference between a good knife and a great knife.  The quality may not be visible immediately but give it one to two months and you will start to see the difference in quality.  So this is where we come in.  The Quick Ten know you are serious about cooking so we have not mucked around here, we have gone straight for proven quality in creating this Top 10 list.



Nenox Karin Gyutou



Wusthof Classic



Global GF-33



Tojiro-DP Gyutou



MAC Brand Mighty



Misono UX10 Gyutou



Shun DM0706 Classic



J.A. Henckels



Chroma Type 301



Rober Welch Signature



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