Top Ten Reasons to Choose Satellite TV over Cable TV

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Cable TV or Satellite TV?

There are a lot of different things that we prefer one over the other, and many of them cause endless debates. Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip, the bus or the subway, McDonald’s or Burger King, the list can go on and on longer than the debates themselves. No matter what the argument is, there is usually proof that one option is better than the other. That being said, it can vary slightly depending on your personal needs and wants, but more often than not, one will prevail over the other.

A lot of people have recently been having this debate concerning which is better for your TV channel service provider, cable or satellite. Today, more and more people are choosing satellite over cable for various reasons, but some people still prefer their traditional cable TV service. Here are the top ten reasons why people are choosing satellite TV over cable TV, and maybe why you should make the switch if you haven’t yet.

1. More HD channels

Satellite TV usually uses the best and most recent technology available. That means that satellite TV providers often have more HD channels than cable TV. You can enjoy clearer picture every day without getting a new TV.

2. More upgrades available

Again, because satellite TV uses the better and more recent technology, there are usually better ways to upgrade your service. This can range from getting a better satellite to get more reliable service to adding on a DVR to record your favorite shows.

3. Better recording options

If you want to record a lot of shows and movies to watch later, you will be more happy with satellite TV. Some cable providers don’t even offer DVR upgrades and many of their DVRs have memory constraints.

4. More channels

One of the first reasons why people started switching from cable to satellite is to get more channels in general. Cable has ungraded their services to include more channels, but satellite TV still surpasses them.

5. Better coverage of sports

With networks and packages made specifically for viewing sports, satellite TV has become the go-to gift for the sports junky in your life. You can choose your package based on sport and see every game, race and match from start to finish.

6. More music channels

Another of the first positives that made people switch from cable to satellite is the addition of music channels. Enjoy the genre of music that you love most with less commercials and interruptions than radio. Most cable providers have yet to add these channels to their services.

7. More movie channels

Another service that cable TV is lacking is movie channels. Try here to get movies on demand that you can watch whenever you want, including new releases. This is in addition to channels that air movies regularly.

8. Less expensive

This is a new change in the industry, but recently people are noticing that satellite TV packages are less expensive than similar cable TV packages. Plus, there are more options that you can choose from, so you can pick the choice that is right for you.

9. Better parental settings

In addition to all the great technology that satellite TV has over cable, they also include parental settings that allow parents to block certain channels and set time limits for their kids.

10. Available in more places

This is a common change and misconception between cable and satellite. You can now get satellite service in more places than you can with cable.


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