Top Ten Comedy TV Series of 2009

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An image of the 30 Rock cast

30 Rock

2009 has been a great year for comedy with some really unique series coming to the forefront. Some classics have managed to stay in the top ten purely based on their brilliance and down right willingness to abuse anyone and everyone.
You can rest assure that the recommendations below caused a bit of a stir in the office and it took us a while to come up with the final ten that we were happy to put our names to.
So here where go!

  1. 30 Rock – Still going strong in it’s fourth season 30 Rock has really shown some true class this year in continuing to  draw out more comedic genius from its classic characters such as Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy.  Buy Now- Season 1 to 3!
  2. East Bound and Down –  One of the more controversial ones in the list but for us East Bound and Down provided some much needed perspective in the TV comedy scene this year.  It’s not trying to be clever it’s just trying to be funny and in our eyes it has succeeded along with its great cast. Buy Now – Complete Season 1!
  3. Important Things with Demetri Martin – The dead pan skills of Demetri Martin were are breath of fresh air from a a seemingly dying trend of  sketch comedy.  Clever, funny and no need to make every second word “fuck”….although we quite liked this about East Bound and Down hahaha Ho hum. Buy Now – Season 1!
  4. Family Guy – We just don’t get sick of this show and the characters. Well thats not entirely true I have been close to throwing a few things at the TV when I’m hung over and Peter or Stewie go into one of their infamous scenes that carry on  forever.   But anyway a solid comedy after 8 seasons, that will be around for many years to come. Buy Now – Vol. 7!
  5. Flight of The Concords – Not as good as the first series but it was never going to be.  However Flight of the Concords is still worthy of the number 5 spot due to the fact that the kiwi boys kept on delivering quirky comedy through its absurd story lines. Buy Now – Complete Season 1!
  6. The Office – When we heard that The Office was going to be imported into the US from the UK we were very skeptical but it really has proven itself.  It now exists in its own right. Buy Now – Season Five!
  7. Entourage –  A great take on the mostly vacuous world of movies in LA.  Entourage has been going strong since 2004 and does not show any signs of slowing down. Buy Now – Complete Seasons 1-5!
  8. WeedsNancy’s soccer mum character gone a bit wrong, well a lot wrong  has still been pulling in the viewers in 2009.  Another unique plot in this Top Ten list but sometimes too unique for some viewers who were a little unsettled with the Esteban and Nancy scene. Buy Now – Season Five!
  9. Two and a Half Men – The hedonistic lifestyle of jingle maker Charlie seems to still have the right formula.  Although the cliché sexual innuendo’s  fly thick and fast on this show its still adding enough new material to stay in the Top Ten. Buy Now – Complete Seasons 1-6
  10. Californication – David Duchovny continues to spear head this mid-life crisis comedy series set in LA.  His care free and oblivious manor is what sets this witty and clever series apart.  Mulder who? Buy Now – Season 1

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