Top Ten TV Channels

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Hobby or Addiction?

TV: it is practically our favorite pastime. On average, American youths spend about 900 hours each year in school, but over 1,200 hours per year watching television. So TV is probably teaching kids more than their classes are. Good thing they invented the Discovery Channel.

For adults, the story remains pretty similar. The Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted a survey of working adults which discovered that watching television as a leisure activity consume roughly 2.8 hours each day.

All this screen time rounds up to about 9 years of your entire life spent in front of the TV. That’s quite a bit of time to devote to a digital or satellite signal.

Something’s Got to Be On

But with so much to watch, it seems easy to see how TV can take so much of your time. From reality shows to sports, you can find just about anything. The Food Network will help you graduate from cooking school and HGTV will redesign your living room and help you build a new back yard fence—well not really, but they’ll sure make it look easy. The 24hour news channels will help you stay up to the second with current affairs. Or you can head over to the Sci-Fi channel to catch up on intergalactic affairs.

With local direct TV deals, we can watch anything and everything that happens to air on the tube, whether that’s snorkeling through shark infested waters on Animal Planet, crying through a black and white flick on AMC or growing long wiry beards with the duck people on A&E.

So if you’re sifting through literally thousands of channel options and trying to find something, here are the top ten go to channels to fill the next 9 years of your life..


1. Showtime—the name pretty much says it all.


2. HBO—movies and more.


3. Cinemax—get the popcorn and sit down already!


4. ESPN—there is bound to be some sporting event going on, and if not, we’ll watch more highlights.


5. Discovery Channel—answering your questions about the world and how it works.


6. BBC One—so you can practice your British accent, and, as the networks jokes, learn how to pronounce words correctly.


7. National Geographic Channel—look at that bird!


8. Starz—they’re bright and shiny.


9. The History Channel—so you can learn about the past and aliens, too.


10. Cartoon Network—what’s not to like about animation?

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