Top Ten Tracks From The Hospital Records Podcast 2009

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The One and Only

It’s not often you find a podcast that is truly brilliant and has you coming back for more every single time.  But Tony Colman and the crew at Hospital Records continue to deliver the goods week in week out within the realms of drum n bass.

We enjoy the Hospital Records podcast so much here at The Quick Ten we thought we would honor it by breaking down the Top Ten tracks that have been played during the Podcasts of 2009.   These tracks have given us the inspiration to keep going during some pretty long and stressful days and nights.  Looking forward to 2010.

  1. Logistics – Transporter
  2. Mutated Forms – Pessimist
  3. The Temper Trap – Science of Fear (Mistabishi Remix)
  4. High Contrast – When the Lights Go Down
  5. Sigma – Paint it Black
  6. Subwave – Stars Get Down
  7. Johnny L – Microdaze
  8. Logistics – Repetition
  9. MJ Cole – Sincere D+B mix
  10. Danny Byrd & Brookes Bros – Paper Chase
  11. Electrosoul System feat Ashley Slater – Sunshine

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  1. December 27, 2009  8:51 pm by Rock Reply

    The Hospital Records Podcast is by far the best pod cast out there! A great listen when doing work or other tedious tasks.

  2. December 27, 2009  9:06 pm by Eagle Reply

    It's definitely one of the best. I would have thought that Mistabishi would have featured in this list for "Falling In Love" though. An epic track!

  3. December 27, 2009  9:18 pm by Hot Soup Reply

    Shit man, 2009 has been a great year for DnB and it's a great thing to have too many brilliant tracks to choose from. Do I think Mistabishi could have featured in this list for "Falling in Love"? Fuck yeah but someone or some tracks were going to miss out.
    Roll on 2010, it's going to produce some more amazing tracks and no doubt some more tough decisions around the top ten list.
    My prediction is more liquid funk DnB will make it mainstream, a good thing? Time will tell.

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