Top Ten Rockstar Deaths

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An image of the late, great Jim Morrison of The Doors

The late, great Jim Morrison

They were legends of their time and some of the most talented musicians to ever set foot on this earth. Most of them lived hard and died young but who was the biggest Rockstar death of all time?
  1. Jim Morrison
  2. Jimmy Hendrix
  3. Kurt Cobain
  4. Bon Scott
  5. Brian Jones
  6. Keith Moon
  7. Sid Vicious
  8. Layne Staley
  9. John Bohnam
  10. Jeff Buckley

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  1. April 19, 2010  10:21 pm by Amber Reply

    Jim was honestly the biggest rockstar death and I feel that even today his impact is still strong. I feel that some did not appriciate his death like it should have been but my god, that mans a hero whether the world believes so or not.

    • April 21, 2010  2:42 am by HotSoup Reply

      Their music is timeless and that was thanks to the amazing yet pained passion Jim bought to his performances.

  2. May 19, 2010  6:20 pm by Griffith Reply

    Definitly jim was the biggest one. His voice is looked at as "no talent" or "karoake sounding" but if it were truly that way, weall know he wouldn't get that fame. The doors, in my mind were the greatest band in American history.

    I'm sorta puzzled though, where's john Lennon? Janos Joplin? Jerry Garcia was a little old but still active where's he? But you can't argue with 1 and 2

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