Top Ten Hated Contestants On The Apprentice US

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An image of the american cast from the show The Celebrity Apprentice

Spot the Douche Bag

Donald Trump is the face behind one of the most successful reality shows on American TV and also sports potentially the world’s largest comb over.  It’s also a little ironic to have a man who claims to be a self made millionaire and who produces books such as “Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life” running the show.  When in fact he inherited a large proportion of his fathers $400 million fortune when he took the reigns in 1971 .  Oh yes, I’m sure most people would love to get that kick start in life and to be honest you would have to be one of the stupidest businessman in the world to lose this wealth…hang on he did, in 1991.

But enough about the “Boss”, this is about the contestants.  Those fame hungry, cliche yelling, ass kissing, “straight talking”, business rejects that have made it onto the show more for the fact that they will be entertaining rather than enlightening.

Yes the boss may be an overrated Tycoon with an inflated ego but  he has his millions (maybe billions) of dollars to keep him warm at night.  But what do these chumps have? It seems they excel at pissing off the masses and fumbling through meetings, dropping in acronyms like they were working for Microsoft whilst supporting a crack habit…so with out further a due, let’s crack into the Top 10 most hated apprentice (including celebrity apprentice).

  1. Omaroseonee Manigault-Stallworth – Season One
  2. David Johnson – Season Three
  3. Rebecca Jarvis – Season Four
  4. Piers Morgan – Season Seven
  5. Rod Blagojevich – Season Nine
  6. Denis Rodman – Season Two (Celebrity)
  7. Randal Pinkett – Season Four
  8. Alla Wartenberg – Season Four
  9. NeNe Leaks – Season Five (Celebrity)
  10. Curtis Stone – Season Four (Celebrity)

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