Top 10 Mythbusters Myths

We make Myths go BOOM!
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An image of the cast from Mythbusters; Adam, Jamie, Kari, Grant, Tory

We make Myths go BOOM!

OK so this is my guilty viewing secret here, I’m quite partial to sitting in front of the TV to watch Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman (and the other three Kari, Grant and Tory) knock out another awesome episode of Mythbusters.  Oh yes, give me: a dash of guns, a heap of explosions, smattering  of  ridiculous myths,  and a splash of out right carnage and you pretty much have my perfect episode.

Crazy to think that the team at Mythbusters have been filming for over 9 years now! 189 episodes and counting with no sign of letting up, and who could blame them.  I mean, who would not want to wake up in the morning and go to work to blow stuff up?  I’m guessing to blow off steam the crew go the complete opposite and do some knitting!

Anyway, out of these 189 episodes there have been some pretty epic Myths tackled.  Some busted, some not, and some even plausible but no matter what, always entertaining and that’s what this top 10 list is about.  We have research and come up with the most entertaining, over the top ridiculous and somewhat dangerous myths Jamie, Adam, Kari, Grant and Tory have every attempted.


Dynamite Surfing2008 Season, Episode 109:  Yes, some of us fell for the original viral video but seeing the Mythbusters team bring to light with a massive explosion was so utterly satisfying.



Waterslide Wipeout2010 Season, Episode 159: This just made us laugh and cry at the same time.  The pain Adam must have gone through but what a great myth.  I watched this episode partly in awe and partly in jealousy as it was something every boy growing up wants to build and do, a super sized water slide!


Jet-Assisted Chevy – 2003 Season, Episode 4: This was one of the first episodes and probably the episode that got a lot of people’s attention and no doubt won a few fans.  Simple amazing to see this old Chevy rocket across the salt flats.


Compact Compact Supersized2009 Season, Episode 114: The myth of two trucks colliding and being towed away only to find a small compact car wedged in between them was revisted. Wow, and we thought the first crash in the Compact Compact episode in 2003 was impressive but add a rocket in the mix and it’s pancake time.


Exploding Water Heater2007 Season, Episode 102:  This one was surely one of the more scary ones.  Yes they cranked it up but to see what a household product can do under immense pressure was crazy.


Cement Truck – 2005 Season, Episode 32:  The salsa thing was pretty lame in this episode but the real deal was the over the top  explosion used to test the myth that the last bit of cement in a cement truck could be removed by dynamite. Probably one of the biggest explosions on the show.


Jaws Special2005 Season, Episode 45: Who would not salivate over this episode? It had everything you wanted in a great Hollywood inspired myth-turbation of epic proportions!


Phone Book Friction2008 Season, Episode 119: This get’s in the top ten for two big reasons 1) they used a tank 2) this Myth whilst unbelievable is entirely true!


Boom-Lift Catapult2004 Season, Episode 25:  This was an epic fail but in a very very good way.  Seeing that large arm swing over, smashing buster into the ground rather than sending him flying was pure fun.


Firearms Folklore – 2006 Season, Episode 79: If you are a fan of Saving Private Ryan and things that go bang then this one is for you.  So many great myths in this episode!



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