Top Ten Famous Gingers

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Gingers Are Becoming Stronger, Fitter, Faster

They may not have many friends at school, they may be the last person you’d ever consider breeding with, they may not have a soul and they may not be able to go out on a sunny day without suffering third degree burns, so in theory they should have been breed out of existence.  However they haven’t and if anything, they are getting stronger, fitter, faster. Perhaps this persecution is the drive that pushes some of them to seek fame in the quest for acceptance?

Day Walkers – The ‘Blade’ of Gingers

The one thing you would notice when going through this list is that it’s not completely made up of pure blood Gingers. No. There are some “day walkers” in the midst such as Chuck Norris and Ginger Spice who whilst are clearly ginger, don’t have all the traits.

“Day Walker” is a term used to describe people who have obviously ginger hair but do not come with the accompanying pure white skin that burns after 2 mins exposure in the sun.  These day walkers roam the earth getting the best of both worlds such as the speed and power of a pure blood ginger (this only applies to Gingers who can harness the rage and use it for good) matched with the light brown skin and ability to fly under the radar.

An image of a ginger kid in the background shot of the beautiful actress Kate Beckinsale on the red carpet

Famous Ginger in the making

But irrespective of these ‘Blade‘ type characteristics they are still going to be included in our best of list.

Don’t be Offended

Here are 10 who’ve made it against all odds, to dominate their chosen path and make being ginger pretty fricking awesome.  If you do happen to be offended by this article then please take it up with our resident Ginger who wrote this article and contact us here.


Chuck Norris – This man is truly one of the greats. 


Queen Elizabeth I – Not as invincible as Chuck but possibly as deadly.


Ginger Spice – She was in the most successful girl band of all.


Prince Harry – One of the more powerful Ginger’s out there and he walks the walk.


Nicole Kidman – Probably most well known for “Days of Thunder” but she was in a Kubrick film you know.


Mick Hucknall – This pint size Ginge (pronounced phonically in a French accent like “sh-oungeee”) has been cranking the tunes for years.


Rupert Grint – The youngest of the “blood nuts” but still swimming in cash from his Harry Potter days.


David Caruso – He has perfected the art of “looking down while talking and then dramatically raising your head as you finish speaking”.


Paul Scholes – He plays football, you know the most popular sport in the world and he is really good…for a Ginge.


Alf – He is seriously rusty orange this guy and yes whilst Shaun White should be here he ins’t.


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  1. August 25, 2009  5:16 am by soilyboy Reply

    god dam freaks!

  2. June 7, 2010  9:48 pm by Shane Grissum Reply

    Hah thats a good list but check out these famous gingers!

    I had no idea Chuck Norris was a ginger tho, good find!

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  4. November 4, 2010  9:07 am by Ryder Reply

    So Alf makes the list but not Carrot Top? Come on!!

    • November 5, 2010  7:44 pm by Quick Ten Reply

      Is Carrot Top famous or just a now muscle bound, botoxed to the brim douchebag? Not arguing that he could be up there though:) Maybe we should to a top ten ginger douchebag list?

  5. March 30, 2011  1:22 pm by Anna Reply

    Winston Churchill should be on this list. Srsly.

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