Top Ten Blockbuster Movies of 2009

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Best Film of 2009

Welcome to the very first post for this special little category of “The Quick Ten Recommends”. We aim to bring you the best of the best or worst of the worst depending on the type of recommendation.
So to kick things off we thought we would start with the  Top Blockbuster Movies of 2009 as voted and recommended by the team at The Quick Ten. The recommendations were based on a bit of knowledge, a bit of ‘cool’ value, a small bit of public opinion and a bit of…well just movies that made you come feeling like it was money well spent!
So lets get into it!!

  1. Inglorious Bastards – Speaking with fellow bloggers this film is a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. But here at The Quick Ten we loved it. Brad your a Legend! Buy Now
  2. District 9 – Simply brilliant. This was by far the most original movie we had seen this year! Sharlto Copley had a truly remarkable performance. Buy Now
  3. The Hang Over – I don’t know about any one else but we all laughed out loud at this movie. The unfolding of the night before was brilliantly encapsulated by the cast. Buy Now
  4. Watchmen – Rorschach was one of the coolest characters we had seen all year. This movie did not disappoint. Buy Now
  5. Zombieland – I saw people walk out during the opening seen hahahaha. I mean surely you knew what you were getting yourself in for? A great dark comedy! Buy Now
  6. Terminator Salvation – Phew this one saved the Terminator franchise! If this movie had not been made then it would have been a sad note to end on. Buy Now
  7. Up – A movie not really for the kids it seemed. But this tear jerker was fantastic. Buy Now
  8. Moon – Sam Rockwell puts on a unique performance in this brilliant movie. Buy Now
  9. Taken – Some of the best action sequences from a man over 50. Worst running by a grown woman had to go to Maggie Grace, what are you 5? Buy Now
  10. The Hurt Locker – A good movie from left field here! About as left field though as Ralph Finnes and Guy Pierce’s roles in the movie. Buy Now

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