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Top Ten Summer Olympic Athletes

The Summer Olympics are one of the greatest sporting events that takes place every 4 years.  From it’s humble beginnings back in 1896 with a mere 241 athletes competing, to it’s now Goliath competitor numbers of 10,000 plus, there have been some amazing moments. Some of these moments have not all been on the field or in the pool.  With events like: the Great Depression reducing numbers to an all time low, […]

Top Ten Golf Club Brands

The Ultimate Sport – Golf Golf on the surface of things is an exceedingly strange sport.  To the uninitiated it may seem like you spend 3 to 4 hours of your time (can be much more depending on your skill level), walking round a large park, hitting a small white ball with a graphite stick so that it goes down a whole.  But to millions, golf is the ultimate sport and […]

Top Ten Mountain Bike Brands

An Alternative Workout to the Gym Lets face it, the older we get the more we need to find interesting ways of keeping fit and healthy. Spending an inordinate amount of time in the gym becomes about as pleasant as going seeing the doctor for a  colonic. The slow monotonous grind within a small, poorly ventilated space can drive any person to hop on their bike and start getting a new kind of workout. […]

Top Ten Alternative Uses For Vuvuzela's

Some people have said the modern day Vuvuzela’s have been the best thing to happen to the atmosphere of sports events since Moises Garcia invented the Mexican Wave at the bullfighting arena Plaza de Toros de Santander back in the 1930’s.

Top Ten Sporting Mustaches

They either bucked a trend or created one in the world of sport.  What are we talking about? Sporting Mustaches of course and they have been dominating not only their faces but also their personalities for years. But whose facial antics have become the stuff legends are made of?

Top Ten New Zealand Extreme Tourist Activities

New Zealand is well known for its beautiful scenery, hobbit population and of course its extreme tourist activities.  I mean where else in the world can you get such a diverse amount of extreme activities all jam packed into this stunning little country?  However if you are heading to New Zealand and are looking to sample some of these adrenaline fueled activities which ones are the best of the best?

Top Ten Greatest Ginger Sports People

People of the Ginger persuasion have been known to posses a certain amount of pace and skill, balanced with their knife edge anger when it comes to sports…..well kind of, Mark McGwire is an exception to the rule as he just went straight for the drugs. That fire in their belly/on their head, has allowed them to excel at certain sports.  But who is the greatest Ginger sports person?  Who has dominated their chosen […]

Top Ten Golfers of All Time

Regardless of their infidelity, drinking habits or lack of personality they have been/still are some of the greatest golfers of all time. But which golf players are going to enter into The Quick Ten hall of fame and who are going to be excluded?

Top Ten All Blacks of All Time

The All Blacks are arguably the greatest and most revered sporting team in the world who have produced a virtual plethora of talented individuals since there humble beginnings against Cumberland County in 1884. They have roamed the world taking on much larger nations and winning at a remarkably rate of 75%.  Yes we are looking at individuals today but the reason why the All Blacks have been able to remain successful is because of how these […]

Top Ten Sport Drug Cheats

Sports brings out the most competitive nature in a lot of people.  For some, this competitive nature drives them to find illegal ways to enhance their performance and give them the winning edge.  However these fraudulent 10 were caught red handed.  But who are the Top Ten Sport Drug Cheats of all time?

Top Ten Sports Teams in the World

Regardless of the sport there are some teams in this world that stand out as the best of the best.  The envoke true pride in a nation and put fear in the heart of its opponents.  Sure maybe there is a little bias in this list but I think a fair proportion of people will agree that they are truly great in many measures.

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