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Top Ten Real Estate Agent Lies

A couple of the team at The Quick Ten have just recently gone through the process of buying a house.   During this process it seemed they had dealt with some interesting real estate agents whom they entered into a seemingly ongoing psychological battle with.  Therefore we have used their experience as inspiration for this Top Ten as on so many occasions they felt like they were being spoon fed the same malarkey or […]

Top Ten Annoying Driver Habits

Let’s face it we all go through some form of mild road rage every now and again, usually resulting in a few expletives here a few middle fingers there.  Sure we could be having an all round bad day but generally this road rage is brought on by one of those really annoying habits that some drivers insist on doing.  

Top Ten Stag Night Pranks

The most enjoyable responsibility of a groom’s best man is to ensure that the stag night or weekend, is one to be recounted for years to come; perhaps even made into folk songs. No stag ‘do’ is complete without capers and pranks. The sole purpose of these often juvenile stunts is to embarrass the groom for the amusement of the rest of the group as you celebrate them leaving bachelorhood.

Girl on Girl on Screen kiss

If you are female celebrity and want media bandwidth it seems en vogue to indulge in a controversial pash with a lass. Whether it is Sandra Bullock’s clever stunt to move the press on from the subject of her divorce or Miley Cyrus’s play for attention it’s the flavour of the month, (no pun intended). In recognition of this, the Quickten team are sharing the top 10 most famous and passionate lady […]

Top Ten Reasons To Leave Your Job

So you are sitting at your desk right now, doing what you should not be doing and browsing the internet for the top reasons as to why you should leave your job.  Well search no more, the team at The Quick Ten have compiled a top ten list of the best reasons to pack your bags and walk out that door for a new career…..just make sure it’s not one […]

Top Ten Things To Do On Your Last Day At Work

So you have worked out your notice period at work and you are finally on your last day. But you feel like you need to go out with a bang or maybe there are a list of things you have always wanted to do but never had the guts to do. We are not recommending burning bridges here people but we are recommending a bit of fun and debauchery that […]

Top Ten Americans That Are Actually Canadian

All is Not as it Seems So you have been sitting there smugly basking in the glow of some famous American actors and their many achievements. When all of a sudden you see them closing the Olympic ceremony with other famous Canadian actors…”WTF” you say to yourself, “They’re Canadian?” The Maple Leaf has Slowly been Taking over Hollywood Oh yes, for years Canadians have been secretly infiltrating America, taking their talents main stream and […]

Top Ten Sporting Mustaches

They either bucked a trend or created one in the world of sport.  What are we talking about? Sporting Mustaches of course and they have been dominating not only their faces but also their personalities for years. But whose facial antics have become the stuff legends are made of?

Top Ten Tips For A House Party

It’s Time to Party You have an important party coming up at your house and you really need to make sure it goes well.  With this in mind The Quick Ten tam have put together a Top ten List for tips which will save you from having a disaster on your hands.  Just keep us in mind next time you have a party though and maybe set some beers aside […]

Top Ten Famous Blondes

Based on the raging success of Top Ten Famous Gingers the team at The Quick Ten thought we had better roll out a list paying homage to famous blondes.  This is not as easy as the Ginger list (which was literally on fire), no, this list has been a tough one due to the plethora of suitable candidates.  But we think we might have cracked it, pulling together the biggest […]

Top Ten Greatest Ginger Sports People

People of the Ginger persuasion have been known to posses a certain amount of pace and skill, balanced with their knife edge anger when it comes to sports…..well kind of, Mark McGwire is an exception to the rule as he just went straight for the drugs. That fire in their belly/on their head, has allowed them to excel at certain sports.  But who is the greatest Ginger sports person?  Who has dominated their chosen […]

Top Ten Stress Relievers

Coming into the new year and out of the holiday season, most people will no doubt begin to slowly slide back into their stress filled lives.  For those of you who don’t get stress then you are a lucky minority, however for others it’s an everyday occurrence.  So we thought we had better compile a helpful Top Ten list of way’s you can remedy your stress levels and bring your blood […]

Top Ten Reasons to Quit Smoking

Another year is about to come around and you have most probably got your new years resolutions all planned out.  As covered in Top Ten New Years Resolutions one of the biggest resolutions is to stop smoking.  So to help you out The Quick Ten thought we would compile a Top Ten list of reasons why you should quite smoking as extra motivation.

Top Ten New Year's Resolutions

The time is coming to take a deep breath and think about the new years resolutions you are going to make….and eventually break.  Lets be honest, you are not really going to go to the gym, stop smoking or even stop drinking for more than a month.  Why?  Because we are human. But hey it makes you feel good and by some crazy miracle this might be the year to […]

Top Ten Things To Avoid On a Date

Let’s face it dating can be a mine field at the best of times; pay for dinner, don’t pay for dinner, leave seat, pull out seat, kiss, no kiss is she liberal or straight and narrow.  Jeepers, sometimes you just want it to be a bit easier but if it was then you would loose the thrill of it and lets face it life would be a bit boring.  So for […]

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