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Top Ten Largest IPOs

For all of you non-finance people out there an IPO (Initial Public Offering) is when a privately owned company begins to sell stock in it’s business to the public.  There are numerous reasons for a business to become a publicly listed company such as: allowing for new acquisitions to help facilitate expansion, provides greater liquidity to original equity holders for paying off debt or improving cash flow and sometimes even for the additional PR brought about […]

Top Ten Rockstars To Join The 27 Club

The world has lost a great deal of talent to untimely deaths and the music industry seems to suffer the most. These young stars not only influenced the music industry but often defined an entire generation.  The strange thing is that a large proportion of these young and talented musicians or rockstars died prematurely at the age of 27, is there a link to their talent or the demanding industry […]

Top Ten Deadliest Natural Disasters Of The Past Century

With all the natural disasters occurring of late it might seem that we are heading to a doomsday of cataclysmic proportions.  But even though global warming is being rammed into our ear drums every day we have been seeing major disasters since the early dawn of this past century.

Top Ten Creatures You Have Never Heard Of

Today we are going to get all David Attenborough on you and talk about the top creatures on this planet that you have never heard of.  A rather subjective post you ask? Yes.  But we have done our research on this little bad boy, so much so that we even spoke to David Attenborough himself……when I say “spoke” I mean channeled but same thing really.

Top Ten Google Failures

A lot of people talk about how dominant Google are (well there are also a load of negative conspiracy theories around this online juggernaut and Facebook is breathing down their necks as media consumption evolves) and what amazing success they have had since being founded back in September 1988.  

Top Ten Americans That Are Actually Canadian

All is Not as it Seems So you have been sitting there smugly basking in the glow of some famous American actors and their many achievements. When all of a sudden you see them closing the Olympic ceremony with other famous Canadian actors…”WTF” you say to yourself, “They’re Canadian?” The Maple Leaf has Slowly been Taking over Hollywood Oh yes, for years Canadians have been secretly infiltrating America, taking their talents main stream and […]

Top Ten Conspiracy Theories

Is the truth out there?  Well if it is I doubt we will ever find the answers that so many of us seek.  Maybe that’s because they don’t exist or maybe its because the answers are hidden from us as the shear sinister truth behind them is something that we could not fathom.  Either way it has spawned thousands of conspiracy theories.  Anything and everything is questioned in this world, from […]

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